Elizabeth Olsen Opens Up About Alexander Skarsgard!

The last couple of days everyone's been talking about a new possible hot Hollywood couple: Elizabeth Olsen and Alexander Skarsgard. Elizabeth has been around the media her whole life because of her famous sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashely, so she knows how to play to game. Lizzy has said that just because she and Alex talked to each doesn't mean that they are dating. Hmm, we still think that something is there. We just need to get them to admit it! (msn)
Elizabeth Olsen black sheer satin dress
They would make such a hot couple!
Elizabeth Olsen long dress maxi black satin
They would make such a hot couple!
Alexander Skarsgard coat shirt
They would make such a hot couple!
Alexander Skarsgard coat navy black white shirt
They would make such a hot couple!
alexander skarsgard elizabeth olsen white dress smile couple coat shirt
They would make such a hot couple!
Elizabeth Olsen orange black cut out dress smile side braid
Source: WENN.com
Elizabeth is just so cute!
Published Mar 2 2012 5:04 PM
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