Demi Moore Is No Longer Speaking To Her Daughters!

Back in November last year Demi Moore was went through a big public humiliation when she split from her husband Ashton Kutcher after six years of marriage, after his very public affairs. Demi was crushed, but tried to put her focus on her daugthers instead. Until now. Sources reveals that she's no longer talking to them, and that they're giving her the silent treatment too: "There's a wedge between Demi and the girls", a source tells about Demi's daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah.

"Demi spends most of her time in Idaho, not L.A", the source continues. And why? Because the girls are tired of "walking on eggshells" around their mother. Tallulah recently graduated high school, but Demi didn't even sit with her family when her daughter got her diploma: "She didn't speak to them". Hey Demi, they're the most important thing in your life, don't do this! (Source: usweekly)
Rumer Willis, Tallulah Belle Willis, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher 2007
They're not talking anymore....
Rumer Willis, Demi Moore black dress v neck
They're not talking anymore....
Rumer Willis, Demi Moore black dress heels
They're not talking anymore....
Rumer Willis and Demi Moore black dress lace
They're not talking anymore....
Rumer Willis, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore pink dress split affair
They're giving their mother the silent treatment
Rumer Willis and Demi Moore pink dress
They're giving their mother the silent treatment
Published Jul 13 2012 8:04 AM
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