David Beckham Says One Direction Can "Go Straight To Hell"!

Friday 8:05 AM, 30/11/2012

He's sick of the boyband!

He's sick of the boyband!

David Beckham had organized a soccer game with L.A Galaxy and One Direction. "David arranged for a fun day that included meeting the entire team, autographing souvenirs, a soccer training session taught by Beckham himself - and climaxing with traditional British tea at the Beckham mansion", an insider reveals.

But it didn't quite turn out the way he wanted it to: "Just 30 minutes before One Direction were due to arrive, they abruptly canceled!". "The boys didn't even have the decency to call David personally to say they couldn't make it". Beckham was "furious" and said the boyband could "go straight to hell", after he got the bad news. We hope they can give it another try, can you guys imagine what a day that would've been!? (nationalenquirer)
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NiceCuteBabe101 (Posh24 member) 1
02/12/2012 5:30 PM
LoL!! serves them right!

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