Confirmed: Jessica Simpson Is ALREADY Pregnant Again!

Jessica Simpson baby daughter maxwell
We're not kidding now, Jessica Simpson is already pregnant again! She gave birth to her first daughter, Maxwell Drew Johnson in May, and now she's continuing with her baby making. The singer is reportedly already nine weeks pregnant, and she's telling all her friends about it: "It definitely wasn't planned. But yes, Jessica is pregnant again", a close source reveals. "She is really overjoyed", the source continued. Jessica and her fiance has been together for two years now, and they've both mentioned how they want a big family. We're glad that it's happening so soon then, Jess! Congrats! (usweekly)
Jessica Simpson big boobs pregnant blonde long hair floral dress eric johnson fiance
Maxwell will be a big sister!
Jessica Simpson big boobs pregnant blonde long hair floral dress
Maxwell will be a big sister!
New mum Jessica Simpson in car big boobs breasts nude black shirt sunglasses
Maxwell will be a big sister!
Jessica Simpson blonde hair interview katie
Maxwell will be a big sister!
Jessica Simpson blonde hair macy's signing
She's overjoyed!
Published Nov 28 2012 3:39 PM
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