Chris Brown Fans Threaten Model, Chrissy Teigen, With Death!

Wednesday 8:46 AM, 23/05/2012
Chris Brown's fans threatened Chrissy.

Chris Brown's fans threatened Chrissy.

Stay strong, Chrissy!

Stay strong, Chrissy!

Chris Brown performed at the Billboard Awards this year and Victoria's Secret model, Chrissy Teigen, was not impressed. So she took to twitter and wrote, "Why sing when you can dance?" Which as far as insults go, is not that bad! Well, Chris' fans decided to storm her twitter feed with horrible death threats. Some said things like, "I hope you are the next 'celebrity' to die" and other really terrible things!

Chris Brown later responded to the situation and tweeted, "Team Breezy! Lets stop sending death threats! I know y'all bout that life but it's the wrong message! Ur turning haters into victims," and later added "And that only furthers their pointless existence." So really Chris did nothing about the situation except throw in his own immature 2 cents. If he hadn't included the last part we would've thought a little better of him, but it just shows how incredibly hateful and terrible he is. (tmz)
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breezylove(non member) 1
23/05/2012 9:52 AM
hahahha teambreeezy!!!!
love you chris! you are
an awesome singer and dancer so much talent!
please chrissy are u jealous..
cant wait for his
album fortune yeahhhh!

...(non member) 2
23/05/2012 12:59 PM
wow could you be okay with them
sending death threats? words hurt people and cause
them to do things you didn't think they would do.
so show some maturity and handle this situation
like and adult...tell ur stupid fans to back off.

Asma(non member) 3
23/05/2012 9:16 PM
Chris when you going to mature. You should have
matured after you beat Rihanna. Oh by the way how
old are you again to be this immature?!?!

lol(non member) 4
24/05/2012 1:34 AM

-__-(non member) 5
24/05/2012 10:46 AM
WTF yeah cos she can sing and dance? tha f$ck who
is she to judge....

thyadabez (Posh24 member) 6
07/06/2012 1:18 PM
omg r u serious thts hr opinion on da situation gt
ovr it. the pops make a big deal out uv minor
situations juz so thy cn hav smthn 2 say

chrisbrownsucks(non member) 7
10/07/2012 5:30 AM
Who follows a guy that beats his girlfriend? CBs
fans need to find something better to do with

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