Check Out Rihanna and Alexander Skarsgard in Battleship!

Thursday 3:16 PM, 28/07/2011
Who else has a MAJOR crush on Taylor?

Who else has a MAJOR crush on Taylor?
It looks like 2012 is going to be the year of hot movies! We just saw the trailer for Battleship (loosely based of the board game) and it looks extremely action packed. But that's not why we were watching it, nope, we were watching it for our favorite stars like Alexander Skarsgard, Taylor Kitsch, Rihanna, Liam Neeson, and Brooklyn Decker! The movie is basically just two hours of eye candy and that's something we definitely can't wait for! Will you see it?

Battleship Trailer (2012) HD 1080p by Filmsactu
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kiki(non member) 1
28/07/2011 3:56 PM
looks nice...little bit like transformers:)
covenant first movie with taylor-looove the movie

B(non member) 2
28/07/2011 4:43 PM MAKE MONEY

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