Casper Smart Is Begging Jennifer Lopez To Have His Baby!

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart
Jennifer Lopez has been together with her boy toy Casper Smart for quite a while now, and he's now he's begging for her to have his baby! "Casper Smart is so desperate to get back on Jennifer Lopez' good side that he's begging to have his baby", a source reveals. "Jennifer is a true romantic and wants to get married again and possibly have another baby, and Casper is playing that", the insider continues. Hm, we have a bad feeling about this Casper guy... What do you guys think, is it time for J.Lo to have baby no 3, and should Casper be the father?! (star)
Casper Smart
Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend Casper Smart
Is Casper the nice guy or not?!
Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart
Is Casper the nice guy or not?!
Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend Casper Smart
Is Casper the nice guy or not?!
Jennifer Lopez
Is Casper the nice guy or not?!
Published Sep 27 2012 8:16 AM
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