Baby Fever! Katie Holmes Is Trying To Have Another Baby!

Wednesday 5:13 PM, 14/11/2012

She wants to make Suri happy!

She wants to make Suri happy!

Ever since Katie Holmes split from her former husband Tom Cruise, she's been all about making her daughter Suri Cruise the happiest kid on Earth. And now she's planning on giving her the ultimate gift: a little sister! "Right now, Katie is in the beginning stages, but her goal is to have a new addition to their family within a year", reveals an insider. One of Katie's main reasons for adopting is that she's concerned about how Suri has no friends "besides her nannies and bodyguards", and wants to make her happy. It is also rumored that Katie really wants to be a mom again, and that she thinks adopting is the right way to go. Aw, wouldn't the three of them become like the cutest girl power family ever?! (star)
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