Angeline Jolie LAUGHED At Jennifer Aniston's 'Pathetic' Engagement!

Friday 5:01 PM, 07/09/2012
Photo montage.

Photo montage.

Angie just laughed about Jen's engagement.

Angie just laughed about Jen's engagement.

The triangle story with Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt-Jennifer Aniston is such a never ending story! Angie was talking to Brad's mom Jane Pitt just the other day, when she mentioned that she was happy for Jennifer Aniston and her engagement to Justin Theroux. "Since Angie can't say anything straight to Jen's face, Jane is the next best thing", an insider reveals. “After Jane offhandedly mentioned how thrilled she was for Jen, Angie said, ‘Please! She’s pathetic! But, hey, it’s about time. Sure hope it lasts, but don’t get your hopes up. Justin’s going to dump Jen’", the insider continued.

“Then Angie made some snide comments about how she’d believe it when she saw it, in regards to Jen’s wedding — making it clear that she thinks Jen is a pathetic, neurotic mess.” Eh, are they never gonna grow out of this conflict? (hollywoodlife)
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Kat(non member) 1
09/09/2012 12:46 PM
i never loved angelina,,,go jeniffer!

Riri(non member) 2
10/09/2012 9:51 PM
Seriously, very classy of you Angelina. You stole
her husband and wrecked her home and now you're
making fun of her engagement? Oh and by the way,
your smile is horrendous, please keep your lips
shut because you look like an evil demonic bitch.
Slutty Ang

wind(non member) 3
03/10/2012 2:36 AM
I don't believe ONE word of it. Angelina Jolie has
WAY more important things to do than give a ****
or even a comment on what Jennifer is doing. I bet
she does not even give it a second of thought!

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