Amanda Bynes Stripped Down Naked In Tanning Salon Lobby!

Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes is clearly no longer known for her acting skills, since she's become a real scandal queen. Just the other day she caused a scene when she visited a tanning salon in NYC. The trouble started when she shocked her fellow customers by showing up, completely Naked, in the main lobby! "She walked out of the room completely Naked", an eyewitness from the scene tells.

"She didn't seem to care that everyone saw her Naked". Uhm well, and why did she do such a thing? We honestly don't know. "She seemed totally out of it. There was definitely something wrong with her", the witness continues. Well was she high or something? Cause that sure doesn't sound like something people would do.... (intouch)
Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes naked stripped down butt naked tanning lobby public nude shock
What has gotten into you, Amanda?!
Amanda Bynes
What has gotten into you, Amanda?!
Published Nov 2 2012 8:15 AM
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