Amanda Bynes: "Lindsay Lohan Is WAY Trashier Than Me!"

Tuesday 8:12 AM, 18/09/2012
Amanda Bynes: "Lindsay Lohan Is WAY Trashier Than Me!"

Photo montage.

Team LiLo?

Team LiLo?

Or Team Mandy?

Or Team Mandy?
Ehm, former teen queens Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes is starting something that looks like a good old catfight. Amanda has been compared to Lindsay lately, ever since she got arrested for DUI:s and hit and runs. But Mandy is sick of being compared with her actress colleague Lindsay Lohan. "I HATE being compared to her", Amanda texted a friend. "She is way trashier than me!", she wrote in the text. Ehm. Lilo tweeted about Amanda yesterday: "Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far?", she wrote. Ok, so who's side are you guys on? They've both done some very bad things, so we're not really supporting any of them.... (tmz)
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maria....(non member) 1
18/09/2012 5:20 PM
i'm totally team Amanda

..(non member) 2
18/09/2012 8:54 PM
team amanda, just because i have a dry faith she
will change.

marshajo comments(non member) 3
18/09/2012 10:28 PM
Would hated to see Amanda Bynes go all the way to
Rock Bottom like Lindsay Lohan did. Lindsay' s
lifestyle has sure taken its toll on her face and

MisterMicCheese(non member) 4
23/09/2012 7:13 AM
Lindsay is a skank! go mandy

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