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Patric Dempsey's Wife Files for Divorce After 15 Years Of Marrige!

Saturday 1:31 PM, 24/01/2015
Patrick Dempsey and his wife Jillian Fink have split. After 15 years of marriage, Jillian has filed for divorce from the actor, Us Weekly co...READ MORE ▶
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Revealed: She Is The Highest-Grossing Actor of 2014!

Monday 12:33 AM, 29/12/2014
Forbes has released their annual list over the highest-grossing actors of 2014.

The one who topped the list was no less than Jenni...READ MORE ▶
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​Mel B Hospitalized Because Of Accidental Overdose!

Sunday 6:31 PM, 21/12/2014
Mel B was reportedly last weekend after overdosing on pills and alcohol.

A source clarifies to Radar Online that the overdose wa...READ MORE ▶
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Selena Gomez: Single but Always Gonna Have Love for Justin Bieber!

Friday 11:38 AM, 12/12/2014
Selena Gomez, 22, and Justin Bieber, 20, have for long been in a yo-yo relationship but in an interview with Norwegian NRJ the singer reveal...READ MORE ▶
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Has Taylor Swift Got a New Boyfriend?

Thursday 10:08 AM, 11/12/2014
Taylor Swift, 24, has been single for almost two years now but it seems as if she finally has met someone that she can call her boyfriend.
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Diddy and Drake Take it to The Streets!

Tuesday 8:34 AM, 09/12/2014
This Sunday both Drake, 28, and P. Diddy, 45, ended up at the same nightclub in Miami, to celebrate their mutual friend DJ Khaled.

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