Who Makes the Most $$$ in Hollywood?

Tuesday 3:11 PM, 02/08/2011
Is it Johnny Depp?

Is it Johnny Depp?
Maybe George Clooney?

Is it Leonardo DiCaprio?

Shorty Tom Cruise?

Shorty Tom Cruise?
Maybe Brad Pitt?

Maybe Brad Pitt?
Or funny man Adam Sandler?

Or funny man Adam Sandler?
Can you guess who Hollywood's highest paid male celebrity is? We'll give you a few hints and reveal the answer tomorrow... Vote and let us know who you think makes the most cash money!

Hint 1: He was born in L.A.
Hint 2: He has a European background.
Hint 3. He started acting in commercials and was once kicked off the set of a TV show as a child.
Hint 4: He started to become really famous in the early 90s and had his big breakout in the late 90's!
Hint 5: He's dated a lot of gorgeous, high profile women.
Hint 6: He's very involved in environmental activism!


Who Makes The Most?

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blh blh(non member) 1
02/08/2011 3:34 PM
leonarda dicaprio.

02/08/2011 4:05 PM
Brad Pitt , Leonardo Dicaprio, Johnny Depp or Tom
Cruise.. One of them.

b(non member) 3
02/08/2011 4:08 PM
Leonardo DiCaprio !!

asi (non member) 4
16/08/2011 4:44 PM
they all suck ecept 4 tom and johnny

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