The Battle of the Celebrity Perfumes!

Friday 3:20 PM, 15/04/2011
Avril Lavigne called hers "Forbidden Rose" very gothly....

Its time for the annual fragrance awards again and as usual, this year there are some celebrities battling out for the honor of an award. Stars like Christina Aguilera, Halle Berry, Eva Longoria and even Avril Lavigne's fragrance sales have hit the roof this year. So they have all been nominated for the big award. Who do you think will win? Here are the stars who have been nominated and the names of their perfumes so you can go and try them out!

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xtina(non member) 1
15/04/2011 6:22 PM

Shakiras(non member) 2
19/04/2011 8:52 PM
I once tried shakira's perfume it's cool, it's the
only one I triedout of all the perfumes... :)

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