Lindsay Lohan- Furious With A Party Planning Company!

Saturday 12:00 PM, 31/12/2011
Lindsay Lohan is staying in L.A. for NYE!

Lindsay Lohan is staying in L.A. for NYE!

According to a party planning company, Lindsay Lohan is celebrating the new year on the Queen Elizabeth 2 cruise ship in Dubai, just one little problem...she's not! In fact, when Lilo heard about the company using her name to promote the party she got so pissed she's now threatening with legal actions.

Lindsay's rep, Steve Honig, tells TMZ: “Lindsay is not going to Dubai, nor had she ever considered doing so. She will be spending New Year's Eve in Los Angeles with a few close friends and family."

Hm, this might be the first time we've ever heard Lindsay turn down a party. Maybe she's really trying to get her act together, FINALLY! (tmz)
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MizzDJNikki (Posh24 member) 1
31/12/2011 6:04 PM
O o mabyyyy

Nono(non member) 2
02/01/2012 7:51 AM
I hope so..

Miche(non member) 3
03/01/2012 12:54 AM
She sues everything these days....,

Great(non member) 4
08/02/2012 7:00 AM

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