Get Dressed With Robert Pattinson!

Tuesday 4:34 PM, 16/08/2011
We think Rob would be a pretty good designer!

We think Rob would be a pretty good designer!

We'd wear Rob's line!

We'd wear Rob's line!
According to Kellan Lutz, Robert Pattinson wants to design his own clothing line! Kellan said, "Rob and I were talking about doing clothing lines, and he found out I was doing one (Abbot+Main) and was like 'I should do one.'' Kellan also said that Rob would call his line "Rags by Rob," which is hilarious since Rob always dresses in shaggy tshirts, old jeans, and finishes the look with his signature unwashed hair. And you know what? We might actually be into that! Rob's whole Brit-grunge look is really hot and we're sure he has a lot of great creative designs! What do you think? Would you wear something designed by Rob? (usweekly)
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rob lover.(non member) 1
16/08/2011 4:43 PM
i dont know if i would wear his clothes, but i
would sooooo wear him, anywear.

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