Brad Pitt: Is He Hot Or Not?

Wednesday 11:03 PM, 13/06/2012

Do you remember the young hot Brad Pitt? Yea, so do we. We still picture him as one of the hottest men in Hollywood (and he still kinda is), even though his new look is very different from how we remember him. But do you think he's hotter today or not? Vote and tell us!


Brad Pitt's Look: Hot or Not?!

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Always hot(non member) 1
19/06/2012 2:53 AM
For me he´s always going to be so sexy, because he
was my first favorite actor, and...

ZoeROX(non member) 2
12/07/2012 12:55 AM
he used to be when he wasnt growing grey hair

now hes kinda not !!!

deffo(non member) 3
09/08/2012 3:50 PM
deffo still hot.

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