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Harry Styles Heart Printed Shirt: Cute Or Neardy?

Sunday 2:10 AM, 03/02/2013
Having already toasted his 19th year the evening before , last night the notorious womaniser Harry Styles and his homies went out for birthday celebration 2.0, which included (if anyone has interest) a special birthday present in the form of a stripper and a sexy lapdance from a girl in police uniform (hah, looks like someone is trying his best to get over the loss of his former GF Taylor Swift big time). However, our eyes got stuck on his navy blue shirt with hearts prints! What do you think? Is it cute or just a littleneardy? Vote below!


What do you think of Harry's shirt?

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Hollywood Celebrity Fashion Trend: The Heel-Less Shoe!

Monday 6:56 PM, 28/01/2013
Snooki wearing heel-less shoes on the red carpet. Close up on Snooki's shoes. Lucy Hale wore the trend already back in 2011. Victoria Beckham loves making fashion statement, and wore these crazy shoes back in 2008. Emma Watson tried on a different type.
We've seen all kinds of weird (and great!) fashion trends in Hollywood over the years, but this one is one we'd never wear. Or to be honest, we think we'd never even be able to walk in those... Yea, we're talking about the heel-less shoe! We've seen celebs like Victoria Beckham (who started the trend), Lucy Hale and Snooki wearing the shoes. Click on the pics and see more of this hilarious trend!

Psst! Do you like it or not? Tell us!
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Stronger Than Yesterday! Britney Spears' Most Inspirational Quotes!

Saturday 2:00 PM, 26/01/2013
She has had many breakdown, but she still believes: "Everything happens for a reason." "I don't allow anybody to change me. I still walk outta my house in rollers and I take walks. I do not care what people think. "
Britney about learning from mistakes: "I don't want to say my biggest mistake--I don't want to tell the whole world that. Trust me, I've made plenty. But I don't regret them because they've made me the person that I am right now."
"No matter what you do, at the end of the day you can't please everybody. I'm not hear to please." So true, Brit! This is the reason we love her so much: "I would like to be called an inspiration to people, not a role model - because I make mistakes like everybody else. When I'm offstage, I'm just like everybody else."
We all know that Britney Spears is going through a tough time right now, after a drastic break-up and having been fired as a X Factor judge, but we also know the Brit is a superwoman with an unassailable strength that is worth to be inspired by! She may be a legend, the princess of pop, but she is first of all lie everybody else - human. She falls, she gets up, she makes mistakes, she changes direction, she gets hurt, she heals ... And all of that made her stronger! Click on the pics to read som e of her most inspirational quotes and sayings! You go Brit!
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Britney Looks Rather Good After Her Break-Up!

Sunday 9:53 AM, 20/01/2013
We spotted Britney Spears (without her engagement ring!) make a few errands in Los Angeles and she looked really cute in a peach colored dress and brown leather boots. Brit recently called off her engagement with fiance, Jason Trawick and we've been a bit concerned since then. The pop star's track record of break-ups is... Well, disastrous! You know exactly what we mean. Her split from Justin Timberlake launched a period of crazy partying and after K-Fed she went commando! The pictures of a bald Britney attacking a car with an umbrella are, to say the least, difficult to forget.

However, Britney looked great yesterday so keep your head up Brit and you'll be just fine!
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Zac Efron On A Romantic Stroll With Co-Star!

Saturday 9:03 PM, 19/01/2013
Imogen is one lucky girl, we want to hold Zac's hand too!
Yesterday, we spotted Zac Efron on location for his new movie "Are We Officially Dating". Zac and his co-star Imogen Poots looked like they were enjoying each others company as they shot some scenes taking a romantic stroll in Central Park. We know they're just acting but wouldn't Zac and Imogen make a great real-life couple too?
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Out And Proud! Celebrities Who Dare To Be Themselves!

Saturday 3:14 PM, 19/01/2013
It took several years for Ricky Martin to come out about his sexuality in public but we're glad he did! Cynthia Nixon! The only sad thing about Matt Bomer from Magic Mike being gay, is all the women out there who were left with a broken heart because they'd never EVER have a shot on the hottie. Neil Patrick Harris! Earlier in January the Kyle XY-actor, Matt Dallas came out at gay and announced his engagement with his boyfriend, musician Blue Hamilton. Congrats Matt! Jodie Foster's speech about her sexuality at the Golden Globes was just amazing! Good for you Jodie! Zachary Quinto addressed his sexuality for the first time in 2011.
A lot of well-known actors and artists have made the wise decision of being proud of who they are and who they love. We’re talking about the celebrities who've been brave enough to take that fearsome step out of the closet and admit that they’re gay! They have inspired so many people with their actions and their message couldn't be any clearer. Be yourself no matter what the world says!
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