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Hacker Leaked Nude Pics Of Demi Lovato!

Sunday 12:39 PM, 06/07/2014
Nude photos of Demi Lovato leaked when her on/off-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama's Twitter account got hacked on Thursday. The personal photos ...READ MORE ▶
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Selena Gomez' Family Urges Her To Check Into Rehab Again!

Sunday 8:10 AM, 06/07/2014
Selena Gomez' family urges her to check into rehab again. The 21-year old singer, who secretly checked into the Dawn at the Meadows treatmen...READ MORE ▶
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Bob Geldof On His Daughters Death: "It's Intolerable!"

Saturday 1:35 PM, 05/07/2014
Bob Geldof has made his first TV interview since the tragic death of his daughter Peaches Geldof, who died of a heroin overdose at age 25 in...READ MORE ▶
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Portia de Rossi Secretly Checked Into Rehab!

Saturday 8:09 AM, 05/07/2014
Portia de Rossi secretly checked into rehab for drug and alcohol issues. The 41-year old actress reportedly sought help at a rehab facility ...READ MORE ▶
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How Much It Costs To Book Your Favorite Band!

Friday 4:46 PM, 04/07/2014
Jay-Z: Between $1 and $1.5 million
Kanye West: $500,000
Eminem: $750,000-$999,999
Nickleback: Surprisingly $1.5 million
Mariah Carey: Between $750,000 and $999,999
One Direction: From half a million to $749,999
Coldplay: From half a million to $749,999
If you're not interested in having someone performing at your private event, you can hire George Clooney as a guest for about $750,000. It is not quite clear what he would do though, except being a guest.
For about $7,500 you could invite a fake Robbie Williams to perform. Yeah, a look-a-like.
If you're dreaming about having One Direction or Katy Perry performing on your birthday or wedding it's not impossible - but it's a matter of money. A lot of money. We've taken a closer look on what it would cost to book some of our favorite artists for one private evening, so click on the pics and check out the pricetags (and start saving up...?)!
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Robbie Williams Broke Fan's Arm!

Friday 10:04 AM, 04/07/2014
Robbie Williams must be really embarrassed by this incident. The singer left a fan in a plaster cast after he broke her arm when he fell on ...READ MORE ▶
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