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Bruce Jenner Wants to Become a Woman - Takes Hormones!

Thursday 3:08 PM, 18/12/2014
Bruce Jenner, 65, wants to become a woman for real and according to In Touch he will make his plans public in the beginning of next year.

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Sex Dungeon - The Preparations for Fifty Shades of Grey

Thursday 10:08 AM, 18/12/2014
The movie about the sex crazy billionaire Christian Grey is set to premiere in February and Jamie Dornan, who plays the character of mr Grey...READ MORE ▶
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Joaquin Phoenix's Forehead Got a Life of Its Own! Genius!

Wednesday 9:09 PM, 17/12/2014
Check out this hilarious video of Joaquin Phoenix and his forehead. Once you see it you'll understand why it's so genius!
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Angelina Jolie Hires Team of Internet Experts to Protect Her Children!

Wednesday 3:07 PM, 17/12/2014
Angelina Jolie, 39, and her husband Brad Pitt, 50, have kept away from all form of social media but they understand that their children prob...READ MORE ▶
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Robert Pattinson Leaving England For Good?

Wednesday 11:37 AM, 17/12/2014
The British actor Robert Pattinson, 28, seems to be moving to the States for good now. He’s already got a house in Los Angeles and he’s now ...READ MORE ▶
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Seth Rogen & James Franco Cancels Appearances Due to Threats!

Wednesday 10:07 AM, 17/12/2014
Seth Rogen, 32, and James Franco, 36, are currently starring in the movie The Interview which is a story about two journalists who’s trying ...READ MORE ▶
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