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Oh No! Is Leonardo DiCaprio Quitting Acting!?

Saturday 12:55 PM, 19/01/2013
He's tired of being on set. Leo has been in this industry since he was a little kid! One of his most famous roles is his role as Jack Dawson in Titanic.
This cannot be happening! One of Hollywood's greatest and most successful actors, Leonardo DiCaprio recently told a German magazine that he's going...READ MORE ▶
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Happy Birthday, Kate Moss!

Wednesday 10:49 PM, 16/01/2013
Do you remember she's had short hair? We remember when Kate used to hang out with her ex Pete Doherty... Bad times! She used to hang with Pete at his concerts with Babyshambles. Well, we're glad she's done with that now! Today Kate Moss has changed her life completely. She's both healthier and happier today! Kate Moss and Jamie Hince - so far away from the bad life she used to live!
How about that, supermodel Kate Moss turns 39 today! Happy birthday! One year from the big 40, and she still looks amazing. Kate has gone through both good and bad times during her career, but today she's healthy and happy. Click on the pics for a small walk down memory lane with Kate!
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Work It Mama! Kim Kardashian Keeps In Shape!

Saturday 10:12 AM, 05/01/2013
Kim K is determined to stay fit!
Kim Kardashian make sure to keep in good shape while pregnant! We've spotted the expectant reality star heading to the gym in a row now, yet no glimpse of a baby bump, should be added. The mama-to-be opted for a refreshing smoothie after her early morning workout which sound like a perfect way to start the day!
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Hollywood Babes With Legs For Days!

Wednesday 10:52 AM, 02/01/2013
10. Lea Michele: The Glee babe Lea Michele on the other hand, likes her mini dresses and no wonder! 9.Whitney Port: Who wouldn't want Whitney Port's legs. 8. Jennifer Lopez: The fact that Jennifer Lopez is 43 years old and have the legs many girls half her age are only dreaming about is plain ridiculous! 7. Jennifer Hudson: We love  Jennifer Hudson as a singer, we love her as an actress and we love how she shows of her hot legs! 6. Diane Kruger: Don't know about the dress but your legs look pretty damn amazing Diane! 5.Nicole Scherzinger: Nicole Scherzinger is by many considered as one of the sexiest women alive and her great legs doesn't hurt that image.  4.Gisele Bundchen: Given the fact that Gisele Bundchen is a super model, having amazing legs is kind of a part of her job but still. Gisele stands out from the crowd, her legs are simply amazing! 3. Rihanna: Of course Rihanna deserves a spot among our top three! Have you seen her legs!?  2.Cameron Diaz:  Just look at Cameron Diaz. Wow! 1.Blake Lively: Blake Lively show us what the expression "legs for days" actually means, sorry JLo, Gisele and the other women on this list but you have nothing on Blake!
So everyone in Hollywood has nice legs but some really can knock us dead and leave us green of envy. We’re talking about the créme de la crème who completely steals the spotlight whenever they decide to put on a mini dress or short shorts- which they more than often do! Here’s our top 11 of the best pair of legs Hollywood has to offer!
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This Celebrity Year Through Instagram!

Monday 3:28 PM, 31/12/2012
We got to enjoy Justin Biebers smile! Mmm<3 Halloween was the highlight on Twitter and Instagram! Fergie showed off her caut suit! Grrr... We followed Pink backstage on video shoots! Amber Rose showed off her baby bump! Kylie Minogue made os long to beautiful places! Rihanna and Chris Brown provoked fans with intimate photos ... Peaches Geldof kissed her furry friend! Hilary Duff proudly showed off her son Luca! Shakira revealed her pregnancy! Ah, so sweet!
This years obsession has been Instagram and our fav celebs have likewise taken note by sharing their personal photos on the popular social media community, which has given us a backstage pass into their private lives! Instagram has been totally flooded with photos of cute puppies, baby bumps, kisses, party pics and generally entertaining pictures of celebrities in their everyday lives, under layers of embellishment filters... We've collected some of the Insta pics of the year! Enjoy!
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Olivia Palermo's Romantic Getaway!

Monday 2:13 AM, 31/12/2012
Olivia Palermo isn't ready to head back to the cold just yet! We've seen the reality star frolicking down the beach in St. Bats during Christmas and she's still enyoing some romantic time with her boyfriend Johannes Huebl during their annual St. Barts getaway. We, jelous? No... Why?
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