Hilary Duff Loves Free Haircuts!

Sunday 8:44 PM, 29/08/2010

We're not sure why Hilary Duff let the paparazzi take pictures of her getting her hair done but we're guessing she probably got her haircut for free! In any case the newlywed looked happy with the stylists and the Byron & Tracey Beauty Bar and that's all that matters!
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tr(non member) 1
30/08/2010 1:34 PM
how idiot these ppl from posh are!why would the
haircut be free?just bcause she let the
papparazzis do some photos?omg!!get a life
guys.you start to be patetic!
maybe hilary tought
that in this way she wont be stalked by
free haircut?c'mon!

kiki(non member) 2
13/09/2010 10:14 AM
I saw her wedding in the magazine, she was looking
amazing, her dress- created by vera wang -
gorgeous:))she looks sooo happy. congratulations

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