Hilary Duff: "Labor With Luca Was Very Easy"

Hilary Duff baby son Luca Cruz
Hilary Duff baby son Luca Cruz
Hilary Duff had an easy labor.
Hilary Duff brown pattern scarf black leather bag black pants black sweater
Hilary Duff had an easy labor.
Hilary Duff grey tee black work out pants sunglasses
Hilary Duff had an easy labor.
Hilary Duff white striped sweater jeans brown boots black jacket white tee black pants
Luca Cruz is getting bigger.
Hilary Duff grey cardigan grey tee black pants grey flats black leather bag
Source: WENN.com
Luca Cruz is getting bigger.
Published May 11 2012 5:15 PM
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