Hilary Duff

28 September 1987, Houston, USA
26 years

Aaron Carter, Joel Madden, Jesse McCartney, Frankie Muniz, Mike Comrie
Hilary Duff is a childactress who grew up and became a superstar as well as a fashion icon in Hollywood. She has recently been in movies such as A Cinderella Story and War, Inc. Her sister is Haylie Duff.

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Hilary Duff Refuses To Give Up...

Sunday 4:07 PM, 20/11/2011
Her exercise routine! She's already 5 months pregnant, yet we continue to see her exercising her butt off at various group classes. Just the other day we spotted her leaving a pilates class in Toluca Lake, L.A. and even though she looked rather happy and healthy, we can't help but wonder how good pilates, a heavy stomach exercise routine, really is for someone pregnant... Maybe you should simply sit back and relax soon Hilary, and leave your main miracle to work his/her magic on your tummy alone!
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Hilary Duff's belly is groooowing!

Wednesday 4:04 PM, 16/11/2011
Hilary is just getting bigger and bigger! And she's really showing off that cute belly!
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Hilary Duff Shops For Maternity Clothes!

Sunday 4:10 PM, 13/11/2011
We spotted a very noticeably pregnant Hilary Duff shop for maternity clothes at Curve on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles the other day. Hilary was proudly flaunting her new motherly frame in a figure hugging white top, and looked pretty happy as she exited the store. We would be too if our shopping splurge had just resulted in 4 large shopping bags filled to the brim!
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Top List: The 10 Cutest Celebrity Pets!

Friday 2:12 AM, 11/11/2011
9. Kelly Osbourne with her cute dog out shopping! 8. Hilary Duff takes a walk with her dog Dubois! 7. Miley Cyrus carries her super cute pup! 6. Amanda Seyfried out shopping at The Grove with her Australian Shepherd dog, Finn. 5. Nick Jonas dog, Elvis, was a birthday present when he turned 16. 4. Rachel Bilson leaves a restaurant with her fluffy little friend, Thurman Murman! 3. Pop singer, Robbie Williams, and his dogs! So sweet! 2. Nicollette Sheridan walking with her dog in sunny Malibu! 1. Ashley Tisdale and her little sweetheart! The cutest pup we've ever seen!
We all know that dog is man's best friend, right? In Hollywood our furry little friends have always been popular among celebs, and we totally get it! We just love pets! Click on the pictures and check out the ten cutest celebrity pets in Hollywood!
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This Week's Top 10 Celebrity Street Style Looks!

Thursday 9:15 PM, 10/11/2011
9. America Ferrera has understood the importance of staying warm, but has totally forgotten the fact that you can still be stylish. 8. Kat Von D always adds a personal touch to her style, but just because it's unique doesn't mean it's cool. Some of these pieces would might work on their own (except for those weird printed pants) but not all together. 7. Ashley Tisdales' handbag is amazing! If it wasn't for the corduroy pants and the jacket - she might of ended up higher on our list! 6. Hilary is always so cute! Unfortunately her outfit isn't. It's not terrible, but not good either. It's just boring. Although, we're loving her handbag. 5. Lea Michelle, from Glee, ends up in the middle. Her braided boots are amazing and the cardigan also looks nice, but the whole thing is still pretty ordinary 4. Good looking gym clothes are not easy to find, so kudos to Nicole Richie! 3. Jessica Alba dressed head to toe in black. She looks classy but still relaxed, and we love her accessories, especially the hat! 2. Another hot babe in black. Eva Longoria strutting over the parking lot in her hot heels. The blazer gives a formal and the tight jeans show off Eva's curves. We just wish she would've added some accessories! 1. This weeks winner is the stunning Kate Bosworth! Maybe the simplest of all the outfits, but certainly the most stylish one. These four colors go great together and she looks relaxed and sexy. A worthy winner!
Off-duty celebrities sure love the color black! And so do we! It's timeless, flattering, and stylish. Although some color would be nice, we totally understand that black is king when it comes to fashion. Click on the pics to see our fave celebs dressed for the street!
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Bump Watch! Hilary Duff Edition!

Wednesday 3:17 PM, 02/11/2011
Hey there Hils!
Hilary Duff's baby bump is really growing! She just announced she was preggo like a month ago, but now we can definitely tell! We wonder if Hilary, Beyonce, Jessica Simpson, and Jennifer Garner will have play dates with their babies? All four are due around the same time! Too cute!
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