Who do you think you are Helena Seger!

Friday 9:56 AM, 26/09/2008
Who do you think you are Helena Seger!


She's not even that pretty!

She's not even that pretty!
Those clothes are nothing to show off!

Those clothes are nothing to show off!

The Swedish football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic's girlfriend Helena Seger attended a fashion Show in Milan during the fashion week. She had a horrible outfit, her shirt and gloves was in a scottish patterned fabric. She wore a pair of hideous shoes and sunglasses inside the dark room. Who do she think she is?
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Zlatan!(non member) 1
26/09/2008 2:28 PM
Poor girl! She is a looooooooooooseeeeeerrrrr! But
her husband is hott!!

BAD TASTE(non member) 2
27/09/2008 2:46 AM
you would think with all the amount of money
Zlatan makes she would have better taste. I think
she is trying way too hard to look young when in
fact she looks like a JOKE!

sonya(non member) 3
03/10/2008 2:03 PM
She try to try to do some thing to look young for
zlatan but ok maybe she be afried like anothe girl
she to old for zlatan but some one have say she
take zlatan from Erick Jhonson but am wonder about
her job What her working now?

pink(non member) 4
03/10/2008 2:12 PM
helena working model before or not? but not
looklike model
best bultyful for her????

betsss(non member) 5
20/10/2008 3:43 PM
she is a fucking loserrrrrrrrrr
hateeee her with my everythinggg
shitttttt&slut OLD
dream of course:( )

he can do better(non member) 6
21/10/2008 6:46 PM
helena you are p of s...

zlatan(non member) 7
10/11/2008 5:44 PM
omg she is so ugly for Zlatan

Johanna(non member) 8
01/02/2009 1:33 AM
She is very OLD for him....also is very very
UGLY...Zlatan its HOT but she is horrible!!!!!

:)))))))))))))(non member) 9
03/02/2009 10:31 PM
She's too old for Zlatan...I think she should let
me be Zlatan's wife..why not? I'm hot too :)))

Europe Vs Usa....1-0(non member) 10
07/05/2009 1:42 AM

You, who has written blog posts should be
ashamed! Helena is cool ...

Superficial, sad
pathetic scum, what do you know about fashion!? As
usual, they are those who do not understand that
express themselves. Imagine that you are Americans
... this co

zlatan(non member) 11
03/06/2009 1:01 AM
ey dont talk shiit about my girl!!! or what i call
her home my grandmo :)

charwida(non member) 12
06/06/2009 5:56 AM
i think she is good looking

burim beqiri kosovo(non member) 13
09/06/2009 1:23 PM
tung zlatan je me i miri te adhuroi je lojtar
shume i mire veq vazhdo me kete tempo qaoo akloni
mire facer je shume kaloni mire nga kosova e

Looser(non member) 14
17/07/2009 12:07 AM
The one who wrote this blog is a looser

Idiots(non member) 15
22/08/2009 8:19 AM
Helena Seger is not ugly and she is probably a
perfect partner to Zlatan. I like the cloths and
her style.
You are relly stupid.

Gizelle(non member) 16
15/03/2010 3:15 AM
Holy crap she looks so much older than him !! Shes
11 years older and plus when your name is zlatan
ibrahimovic and that you are a multi millionnaire
guy even if you stopped school in grade 3 or so
you still get the ladies with the diplomas (helena
was a

Gizelle(non member) 17
15/03/2010 3:17 AM
helena was a director marketing )
wonder if the
relationship will last......

ps: shes not
beautiful......i've seen better !just a 40 years
old chick living as a footballer's wife and please
missy change the cowboy jacket.

She is very pretty(non member) 18
17/05/2010 9:51 PM
But perhaps 11 years older is to old, but that is
their problem or non-problem.

You are all really rude(non member) 19
30/08/2010 10:32 AM
Helena will have forgotten more in one day than
you shower will have remembered in your lives. God
you women can be awful with one another.

fan(non member) 20
20/09/2010 6:09 PM
Shes not for him .When they are together they look
like the most terrible kite mate I ever seen in my
life and I dont think ibra loves her.At least
doesn't seem like it.Ibra is so so hoooott and he
really deserves a better women.But anyway they
have two b

Jealousy(non member) 21
18/11/2010 3:33 PM
I think the green eyed monster got a hold on some
of you degenerates! This woman is hot and good for
Zlatan. They look nice together-She must have
something becuase I'm certain those Seria-A guys
can get any babe they want! Think about it

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