Helena Christensen

25 December 1968, Copenhagen, Denmark
46 years

Michael Hutchence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Billy Corgan
Helena Christensen is a Danish supermodel. Her father is from Denmark and her mother from Puero Rico. At the age of 18 she was voted Miss Denmark. Has been in Victoria's Secrets catalogue and has an antique shop in New York. Likes The Smiths. Helena is 1,78 m tall with green eyes.
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Minogue On Late Boyfriend: "I'd Never Met Anyone Like That!"

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Thursday Fun! Celebrity Look Alikes!

Thursday 7:10 PM, 22/03/2012
Alicia Keys and Jessica Alba. Are they secret sisters? Helena Christensen and Cameron Diaz have the exact same face structure! Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood are both known for fantasy movies. Eva Mendes and Cindy Crawford are two beautiful women. If they've ever met it must have been like looking into a mirror! They don't have the same profession but they sure are very look alike. Gwen Stefani and Holly Madison. Hunk alert! Ian Somerhalder and Chace Crawford could have been twins. Hottie twins! Actress Noomi Rapace and tattoo artist Kat von D. Sure they're not sisters? Reese Witherspoon and Alexis Bledel both look so nice and sweet! Former top models Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell.
Hollywood is full of celebrities, and many of them look exactly like each other! We've seen 10 celebs like Katy Perry and Daniel Radcliffe who have secret twin sisters and brothers! Click on the pics and see who are have real doppelgangers!


Who do you think look the most alike?

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Top Models: Then and Now!

Thursday 3:03 PM, 16/02/2012
Naomi Campbell: Now and Then, when she walked in a tribute to Gianni Versace. Kate Moss: Now in 2012 and Then modeling for L'Oreal in 1999. Elle Macpherson: Now and Then when she starred in Batman and Robin in 1997. Brooke Shields: Now and Then in 1999. Helena Christensen: Now at the Elle Style Awards and Then in 1998.
Ever wonder your favorite supermodels from the 90's look like now? While they are no longer strutting on the catwalk, many still look completley gorgeous! Of course we wouldn't expect any less from these icons! Click on the pics to see what Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and more top models look like right now!
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Street Style! 90's Supermodel Edition!

Monday 3:11 PM, 10/10/2011
Claudia Schiffer is always super stylish! What do you think of Naomi Campbell's street style? Linda Evangelista was so in during the 90's that she wouldn't get out of bed for less then $10.000 a day! What do you think of her today? Heidi Klum is so hot! Love her pants! Christy Turlington was one of the hottest models in the 90's, we loved her fresh style back then and we love it now!
Models come and go in the fashion industry, but there will never be models like the ones from the 90's! These women owned the catwalk long before it was chic to be a stick. They were healthy and fresh faced and even years later they still look great! Just look at Heidi Klum, she's still in her thirties and is one of the hottest Victoria's Secret models ever! The models of the 90's are still major fashionistas and we constantly envy their closets! Which 90's supermodel has the best street style? Vote for your fave!


Which Supermodel Of 90's Has The Best Street Style?

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These Stars Give Us Chills! Top 9 Sexiest Nordic Celebs!

Wednesday 7:10 PM, 24/08/2011
2. We LOVE Swedish actress Malin Akerman! She's hot and funny at the same time! 3. Yum! When we first saw Viggo Mortensen in "The Lord of The Rings," we though he was the sexiest man alive! And we still do! 4. You might have seen Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman in the TV show "The Killing"!? He's SOO sexy and we bet he's going to be super famous really soon! 5. Mads Mikkelsen, who starred as the villain in "Casino Royal" has that evil and sexy look that makes our knees week! 6. Super hot super model, Helena Christensen! 7. Pamela Anderson's ex boyfriend, Marcus Schenkenberg, is a Swedish model and we think he's HOT! 8. You all know pop star Robyn from Sweden! We love everything about her! 9. Bjork is one cool chic and is Iceland's most famous star!
It’s not only freezing cold, dark nights, and girls named Inga in Northern Europe! Nope, it’s also crowded with hot, sexy, and talented celebs! After conquering Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, many of our favorite celebs traveled across the Atlantic and took over Hollywood! Famous celebs like Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard, Viggo Mortensen who played Aragorn in "The Lord of the Rings," or Danish model, Helena Christensen have us saying "ja tack!"

Click on the pictures to see our Top 9 sexiest Nordic Stars!
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