Speidi Escapes the Swine Flu!

Thursday 6:04 PM, 30/04/2009
Speidi Escapes the Swine Flu!

The honeymooners
Heidi shooting in Mexico

Heidi shooting in Mexico

The Pratts!

The Pratts!

Heidi Montag-Pratt and Spencer Pratt were in Mexico just as the news of swine flu hit! The two were there to spend some honeymoon time after their wedding this past weekend. But of course with these two its always about work and getting attention, so Heidi shot a music video too. The two caused a big stir at the airport on the way back with their Flu protection mask on! They even gave their signature kiss with masks on!
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me(non member) 1
30/04/2009 9:20 PM
barbie and ken...

lhytt(non member) 2
01/05/2009 2:33 PM
so cute

:O(non member) 3
01/05/2009 4:55 PM
i think their both are ssoooo FAKE
it's won't
suprise me when they divorce!
arghhh i hate

me(non member) 4
01/05/2009 7:39 PM
after few years I think they will divorce.

:O:O(non member) 5
03/05/2009 10:20 PM
Really tired of them.
Really, really tired.

!!!(non member) 6
25/05/2009 8:38 PM
they are sooooo fake!! really don't you see tha
everybody hate's you two really!!!
you two

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