Heidi and Spencer got married!

Tuesday 9:46 AM, 25/11/2008
Heidi and Spencer got married!

I love it!

I love it!

The wedding ring?

The wedding ring?



The Hills-star Heidi Montag wed her longtime beau, Spencer Pratt, in a secret ceremony in Cabos San Lucas, Mexico, Us Weekly reports. "The minute we said our vows, I couldn't stop crying," Heidi said. Someone who might not be so thrilled is Heidi's mother. "I called her right before the ceremony, sort of hinted that something that happened, but her reaction was to ask me if we were breaking up! I told her it might be something else, and she said, "Well, if you ever plan on getting married just know that your step dad is really upset that you want your father to walk you down the aisle", Heidi continues. "She was starting so much drama, it kind of pushed me toward wanting to get married without that," she adds. "I don't know when I'll tell her." Well you might not need to tell her, she probably won't miss the headlines today!
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love.tila(non member) 1
25/11/2008 2:53 PM
i don't like them! they are so false!!!

laurenrocks!(non member) 2
25/11/2008 5:08 PM
I totally agree!

26/11/2008 2:02 AM
ohh goshh.
they`re sooo fake.
those photos are
don`t like them, they want a lot of

fake (non member) 4
26/11/2008 5:56 AM
there's nothing real about this relationship at

UUHHH!(non member) 5
26/11/2008 9:08 PM
They do all this for publicity..

valen(non member) 6
29/11/2008 2:53 AM
pretty nice

NO!!!(non member) 7
29/11/2008 1:49 PM
i don't think they should be married, spencer is
such a jerk, he broke her heart so many times

OM MY GOSH(non member) 8
29/11/2008 6:42 PM

love.tila(non member) 9
29/11/2008 6:43 PM
i think they just had said that because of

DUh!(non member) 10
29/11/2008 7:00 PM
I know their (him) are not te shows most loved
people, but i'm glad they got married so they can
stop going back and forth on the show. Now they
will know how they really feel about each other.
And whoever said the photos are modeled, DUH,
they're suppose

mile (Posh24 member) 11
30/11/2008 12:29 AM
mmm.. i love Heidi's hair! hehehe

My god(non member) 12
30/11/2008 7:07 PM
Oh my god i couldn't beleave heidi would do such a
thing to me it's stupid that she married spencer
he is a down right evil person.Heidi deserves
someone better and everyone can tell that those
pics are just posed not alot of people like
spencer and now h

Joeisahottie44 (Posh24 member) 13
30/11/2008 11:20 PM
Look at all that jewlery! Gosh! They must REALLY
be in luv!

omg(non member) 14
30/11/2008 11:35 PM
there so not right for eachothers
i mean
i bet lauren is not happy...lol

kim4kaulitz (Posh24 member) 15
01/12/2008 12:28 AM
they are fake its funny the way they think their
real celebrities and they act like their all that
lc is the main character in the hills and she
dosnt act like shes al that! xxx

gosh(non member) 16
01/12/2008 12:47 AM
i think spencer is so fake i wish lauren and heidi
can talk about their friendship and heidi should
dump spencer loser

Posh95 (Posh24 member) 17
01/12/2008 5:12 AM
heidi should dump spencer she lost a friend bcz of
him i hate him

>*(non member) 18
08/04/2009 8:35 AM

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