Seal Breaks The Silence: "Heidi Klum Cheated On Me!"

Saturday 8:13 PM, 01/09/2012
We all were shocked when they split up their seven year of marriage in January and the question on all our lips was: Why did Heidi Klum and Seal ACTUALLY broke up so abruptly?! Well, we may got they answer now! The extent of the relationship was unknown until yesterday when Seal broke his silence and revealed that his ex-wife was having an affair with her bodyguard Martin Kristen BEFORE the couple broke up! The RnB-singer confirms the rumors by saying: "I would have preferred Heidi show a little bit more class and at least wait until we separated first before deciding to fornicate with the help, as it were. But I guess you now all have the answer that you've been looking for for the past seven months."

Wow. That was really unexpected! That Heidi would be cheating was the last thing we thought about her... (TMZ)
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sob(non member) 2
02/09/2012 5:13 PM
Heidi uv let me down big tym

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