Heidi Klum

10 June 1973, Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany
41 years

The Body
Hugh Grant, Anthony Kiedis, Flavio Briatore, Seal
The German supermodel Heidi Klum has a successful career behind her. She has since 2005 worked as a host for the reality show Project runway, where she takes up the next great designer. Heidi Klum believes that her legs are the source of success and has assured them for two million U.S. dollars. She has four children. Heidi Klum loves muffins and became in 2001 the world's most beautiful woman. She was married to Seal for seven years but they filed for divorce in January 2012.
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Heidi Klum And Seal Are Reportedly Back Together!

Wednesday 3:36 PM, 19/02/2014
Heidi Klum and her ex-husband Seal broke up in 2012. Now the former couple have been spotted together on multiple occasions, and several sou...READ MORE ▶
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Heidi Klum Is Single Again - Splits With Bodyguard Boyfriend!

Tuesday 9:15 AM, 28/01/2014
Heidi Klum is back out on the single's market. The 40-year-old model and her bodyguard boyfriend Martin Kirsten, 41, separated a few weeks ...READ MORE ▶
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Nine Types Of Instagram Pictures Every Celebrity Post!

Thursday 9:01 PM, 23/01/2014
Nine Types Of Instagram Pictures Every Celebrity Post!
The Throwback Thursday.
Kim Kardashian (and the rest of the Kardashians) posts Throwback Thursday pictures almost every Thursday, remembering good old times. The fan picture.
Selena Gomez use to take pictures with her fans after pretty much all her concerts. The food porn picture.
Don't you just love it when lovely food appears in your feed? Heidi Klum posted this yummy pic. The pet picture.
Pets take up much space in our news feed, and especially when someone's just gotten a new little friend. Kourtney Kardashian has posted numerous pics of her little cat lately. The paparazzi pic.
This happens quite often, that celebrities post paparazzi pictures of themselves on Instagram. Ariana Grande posted this one the other day. The "I-Just-Got-My-Nails-Done" picture.
It's not only we that love posting pictures of our new nails. Miley Cyrus loves doing it too! The "I'm on vacation".
Taylor Swift makes us long after beaches and blue ocean views, such as many other stars do. The Behind the Scenes.
One of the best things about following our favorite stars on Instagram is that they almost always post behind-the-scenes pictures, that gives us a sneek peak on what they're up to. Britney Spears posted this one from a photo shoot.
We're guessing most of you guys are on Instagram, and we're not only there to follow our friends - we also love to see what our favorite celebrities post every day. But we've noticed there are eight types of pictures that every celebrity tend to post, which is kinda funny when you think about it. Click on the pics and check them out!
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What Were They Thinking? The Worst Dressed Of Yesterday's PCA!

Thursday 3:15 PM, 09/01/2014
We just waited for Malin Akerman's boobs to pop out. Jessica Alba always dress to impress, but this dress just wasn't our cup of tea. Melissa Joan Hart's dress wasn't our favorite. Super adorable "The Big Bang Theory" star Melissa Rauch's dress looked like something straight out of the '90s. Cheryl Burke. No, just no.
Some stars tend to always look amazing when rocking the red carpet, wearing dresses and looks that we could only dream about - while others dress up in outfits that really doesn't show their best sides. We've taken a closer look at yesterday's People's Choice Awards and we've listed the stars that we believe were the worst dressed during the night. Click on the pics and see our full list!
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