Heidi Klum

10 June 1973, Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany
41 years

The Body
Hugh Grant, Anthony Kiedis, Flavio Briatore, Seal
The German supermodel Heidi Klum has a successful career behind her. She has since 2005 worked as a host for the reality show Project runway, where she takes up the next great designer. Heidi Klum believes that her legs are the source of success and has assured them for two million U.S. dollars. She has four children. Heidi Klum loves muffins and became in 2001 the world's most beautiful woman. She was married to Seal for seven years but they filed for divorce in January 2012.
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Heidi Klum's Party Outfit - Hot or Not?

Friday 2:39 PM, 30/07/2010
Heidi Klum had a party to celebrate the beginning of the latest season of her hit reality TV series Project Runway last night. She wore quite an interesting look too. Very edgy hair and makeup with a white jumpsuit, red high heels and a black leather jacket. What do you think of this outfit on her? Is it trendy or just a big fail?


Heidi's Look:

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Who Wore It Best Heidi or Kelly?

Saturday 12:18 PM, 24/07/2010
Heidi Klum wore this hot LBD to celebrate her post-baby curves at the Victorias Secret Fashion Show last year in November, while singer Kelly Rowland wore the same dress to an awards show in London this year. Which of these lovely ladies do you think wore it best?


Who wore it best?

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Heidi Klum Isn't Picky!

Wednesday 7:33 AM, 14/07/2010
Just because you have a lot of money it doesn't mean you have to have lunch at five star restaurants every day! Supermodel Heidi Klum was spotted stepping into Zibetto in New York the other day for a quick bite and as usual she was superchic in grey pants, a grey tee and a black-and-white scarf! We like!
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Heidi Klum Has A Good Excuse!

Wednesday 11:38 PM, 30/06/2010
Someone who was having almost as bad of a hair day as Mischa Barton yesterday was supermodel Heidi Klum who usually looks so put together. She has a good excuse though as she has four kids to take care of at home, one of which is practically newborn! Yesterday Heidi left three of the kids at home however and brought her youngest daughter Lou Sulola to lunch at Bar Pitti in Manhattan's West Village.
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Monday 1:18 PM, 31/05/2010
8. We get it, Heidi Klum is gorgeous for her age and looks amazing after having four children, but that is no reason for this new slicked back hairs she has been wearing over and over on the red carpet lately! We think she is way prettier with some hair framing her face! Oh and the yellow of that dress clashes with her skintone! 7. Paula Abdul wore this tiny little bright pink dress at the American Idol final this past week and we just didn't get the thinking behind the look. If she was going for "Mini-Mouse" then I guess she got it right, almost exactly! All she is missing is the black Disney mouse ears! 6. Kirsten Dunst looks tired and washed out in this look! Although we love vintage, we don't think every outdated dress qualifies as vintage-fabulous! What is going on with her hair too by the way? Its over-bleached and growing out and the shoes she chose look like a granny's - all in all a total fail, except for the colour, blue is lovely on her. 5. Ok so we know the pregnancy thing is new for Alicia Keys, but really,  trying to cover up the bump with a million ruffles and frills just ends up making you look like a bad wedding cake instead of a lovely mummy to be! 4. Catherine Zeta Jones used to be such a stylista, but lately she has totally lost her way! She has lost some weight and now she just has no idea how to dress for her new shape! This bandage dress shows off all the wrong parts of her body! She looks totally out of proportion! 3. Brit model Alice Dellal is looking less edgy and cool these days and more like a girl who is a lost on the streets of London after way too much partying! Maybe some people think its hot, but we think she needs a good night's sleep and then maybe she will make better fashion choices too! 2. Katy Perry is probably our biggest disappointment of the week! We couldn't wait to see what she would wear to Fiance Russell Brand's new movie premiere this week, and then she wore this! We usually love Katy's fun red carpet style, but in this she looks like she is wearinig a cheap Cleopatra Halloween costume! 1. Another shiny mess! Liza Minelli wore this half see-through wet-look asymmetric outfit to the Sex and the City 2 movie premiere in New York this week. We think its totally age inappropriate for  her, especially the gel-bra shining through her top for everyone to see! NO!
Ooh it was a disappointing week for red carpet fashion especially! We were totally underwhelmed at the Sex and the City 2 movie premieres and some stars just seem to have totally lost all sense of style lately, yes we are talking to you Jessica Simpson and Catherine Zeta Jones! See who else needs to fire their stylist below!


Who was worst?

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Style Tip: Walk Like A Gladiator!

Tuesday 6:24 PM, 18/05/2010
Halle Berry in cool gladiator sandals! Robin Antin! Solange Knowles in a pair of nude coloured sandals! Lindsay Lohan loves shoes! Heidi Klum looks fabulous in here shoes! Jamie Pressley in galdiators! Nicole Riche with a simple style Jessica Alba! Katy Perry again! This time in pink sandals! Cute! Kylie Minogue in a pair of high heeled gladiators!
One lovely trend, that's constantly coming back season after season, is the stylish gladiator-inspired sandals. The celebs just love them and so do we! Wear them with a casual, relaxed outfit or put them on when you're going out and match them with a cute dress or whatever you like! These shoes make your outfit fabulous! Stars like Katy Perry and Halle Berry are among those who are really faithful followers of this trend! Check out the pictures for some inspiration!
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