Heidi Klum

10 June 1973, Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany
41 years

The Body
Hugh Grant, Anthony Kiedis, Flavio Briatore, Seal
The German supermodel Heidi Klum has a successful career behind her. She has since 2005 worked as a host for the reality show Project runway, where she takes up the next great designer. Heidi Klum believes that her legs are the source of success and has assured them for two million U.S. dollars. She has four children. Heidi Klum loves muffins and became in 2001 the world's most beautiful woman. She was married to Seal for seven years but they filed for divorce in January 2012.
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Style Tip: Goodbye Beach Waves!

Tuesday 6:24 PM, 17/08/2010
Zoe Saldana often rocks this simple style Straight is practically Gwyneth Paltrow's signature style Tyra Banks emphasizes her features with a smooth style Naomi Watts turned heads in this trendy blunt cut! The queen of beachy hair Jennifer Aniston tries something more sophisticated We love Ashley Greene in this darker, straighter style! Taylor Swift swapped her perfect curls for a sleek side-do recently Its one of Heidi Klum's favorite looks too Christina Ricci loves to look dramatic and smooth Ashlee Simpson rocks a two-toned, super long sleeked out style and it works for her
Summer is coming to an end and we are all looking ahead at the upcoming Autumn/Winter trends and the next season is all about minimalist, dramatic chic. So how does that translate to your hair? Well one of the major trends from the catwalk were dead straight, super-ironed hairdos. Some stars like Taylor Swift, Rachel Bilson and Ashley Greene have been seen getting into the trend early and have already said goodbye to their wavey beach hair and embraced a sleeker, more dramatic straight style. Be inspired to make the change below.
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Trend Watch: The New Jump Suit

Wednesday 6:24 PM, 11/08/2010
Rihanna Heidi Klum Katy Perry Rachel Zoe Maggie Gyllenhaal Marion Cotillard Daisy Lowe Fearne Cotton Lindsay Lohan Lauren Conrad Kate Hudson Chloë Sevigny Cheryl Cole
One-piece jumpsuits have been in style for a few seasons now and it looks like they are here to stay! This season however, they are becoming less sweet and cutesy and more edgy and experimental. Here are some of examples of style stars like Heidi Klum, Rihanna, Lauren Conrad and Fearne Cotton wearing some new generation all-in-ones. What do you think of this trend? Would you wear any of these?


Would you wear this trend?

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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Monday 2:26 PM, 09/08/2010
8. Leona Lewis tried out a bit of a rockabilly thing this week while out and about in London and even though the hair and makeup suits her, we just don't think the open midriff and ruffled skirt work for her body shape at all. But hey, atleast she looks better than her friend behind her in the picture! 7. Ok so last week we loved Jada Pinkett Smith's futuristic white mini dress, but this week that dress looks like it is ready to fly off her shoulders. Oh and Jada, that hairdo needs fixing, it really looks like she hasn't touched it in a few days. Big no no! 6. We know what you are thinking, Amy Winehouse looks a little better than usual in this picture, atleast she has no body parts sticking out of her clothes and we do love a pair of heart-shaped glasses in the summer too, but she still looks a bit spaced out and raggedy! 5. We are fans of the new Madonna/Lourdes Material Girl collection, but we can't say we really found Taylor Momsen's choice of pieces from the collection very inspiring on the collection's launch day this week. Taylor could have really had fun mixing and matching colours and textures with all the fab pieces, but instead she looks a bit moody and a little trashy, but we guess that's her look and she is the face of the brand....still its not making us go "wow!" 4. Daisy Lowe goes Victorian hobo chic and we are not loving it. The dress is kinda cute and we know Daisy likes to throw on some random items of clothing and see what happens, usually that works for her, but not this time. 3. We find Paloma Faith's crazy outfits very entertaining and we actually look forward to seeing what she puts together next and even though this is one of the most memorable looks of the week, we can't really call it "great taste", its just so so loud! That hat is insane! 2. We know Heidi Klum is on holiday and probably is not bothering too much with how she looks and just wants to relax and have fun with her family, but really. This maxi-dress hits her on all the wrong places, making her breasts look saggy, her hips much bigger and her legs thicker. You should know better Heidi than to even have something like this in your wardrobe! 1. Traci Bingham is known for her trashy style and this dress is a great example of why. It sits badly on her body and has way too much going on, the low cut top, the high slit on the thigh and the sparkles. Its pretty much a hot mess!
This week celebs seem to be on a summer holiday from themselves. Stars like Leona Lewis, Daisy Lowe and Heidi Klum decided to dress completely away from their usual styles and it wasn't pretty! Take a look and see if you agree.


Who was best?

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Heidi & Seal Send Love From Their Yacht!

Wednesday 2:27 PM, 04/08/2010
Summer kisses
Seal and Heidi Klum are some of the many lucky celebrities spending their summer holiday on a luxury yacht in the French Riviera at the moment. We spotted them waving goodbye to friends yesterday and we have to say it looks like a perfect summer "wish you were here" post card! Just look at them smiling and laughing and blowing kisses! Summer happiness...aaahhhh...
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Red Carpet Failures: Photos That Will Turn Them Red!

Tuesday 2:35 PM, 03/08/2010
Has Heidi Klum been possessed by an alien? Kate Winslet Carmen Electra Kate Moss Paris Hilton Terri Hatcher Jessica Simpson Mischa Barton Kristen Stewart Cameron Diaz Lily Allen Avril Lavigne Tyra Banks Ellen Page Eva Mendes
We're sure most of today's celebs would agree that it's hard to get every pose right, there are bound to be a few bad red carpet pictures slipping through the cracks every now and again! Luckily for you guys we've searched high and low to find some of those infamous bad red carpet photos. Have a look at these 21 Hollywood ladies looking everything but fabulous. Now we know - they're mortals just like us!
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Monday 4:13 PM, 02/08/2010
8. Is Rumer Willis impersonating an air hostess or some kind of out of date teacher's uniform or something? Either way, we don't get this outfit for her. Its way too serious and so is her face. What is she trying to say? we have no idea! 7. Scarlett Johansson is usually great at dressing her curves but this black corsetted suit is so out of date and out of touch for summer, we just don't understand what happened. We are thinking someone else must have dressed her, well we hope so anyway! 6. Even though we give Heidi Klum points for trying something new and we understand she was trying to be high fashion and edgy at her party last week, we just don't think she quite pulled this look off. Sorry Heidi, stick to your own style and stay out of Rihanna's closet! 5. Mira Sorvino is known for her strange taste in red carpet fashion and this mint green, frilly cocktail dress is just as confusing as most of her style choices to us. The style of this dress doesn't flatter any part of her body and it just looks kind of sad and old fashioned. 4. We feel bad for Estelle, she is often taking risks with fashion and that's great, but she never seems to quite get it bang on. We never think wow when we see her outfits. Keep trying girl, you have something going with the eye-popping colour matching, but the fit is still all wrong! 3. Nobody does overdone and trashy gutter princess like Jordan aka Katie Price. At her book signing this week she wore this hideous tutu dress with a picture printed on the front similar to the cheesy picture on her new novel. Ugh! 2. Pamela Bach Hasselhoff  is also famous for her bad fashion and here is a great example of why.  There is just way too much going on here! The busy pattern, the dramatic corset belt, the huge necklace  the tan and all that jewelry. Country and Western bling bling is what we think we are calling this DONT! 1. Oh no Tara Reid what happened to you! Last year it looked like the party girl was finally cleaning up, but this weekend she was spotted falling out of this little black dress that was way too big on top and way too short on her thighs. Then add that her hair was a total mess and her makeup smudged all over face and what you get is a huge mess!
This was a difficult week for us, some ladies were tryiing really hard to get it right with their fashion risks, but still just got it wrong. So we want to give them points for hard work, but that doesn't mean it was pretty. Heidi Klum and Estelle are great examples of fashion tri-hards this week, but there are a few we really wish would try harder too!


Who was worst?

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