Heather Morris

1 February 1987, Thousand Oaks, California
28 years

Heather Morris is a singer, actress, and dancer best known for her role as Brittany on Glee. Heather first gained fame as one of Beyonce's back up dancers. Eventually, Heather was asked to teach the "Single Ladies" dance to the cast of Glee and since the show was looking for a third cheerleader they decided to hire Heather.
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Glee Star Heather Morris Engaged!

Thursday 8:12 AM, 28/08/2014
Glee star Heather Morris is now engaged. The 27-year-old actress and her longtime beau Taylor Hubbell are now planning on getting married, a...READ MORE ▶
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Stars Who Got Their Start On Reality TV!

Tuesday 9:10 PM, 18/02/2014
Jamie Chung, known from Once Upon a Time, started her career when she auditioned for MTV's The Real World.
Heather Morris, known from hit TV series Glee, started off her career in So You Think You Can Dance in 2006.
Before she was an A-list star, Emma Stone competed in the 2004 VH1 reality competition In Search of the Partridge Family, where she tried to win the role as Laurie Partridge.
Johnny Knoxville has been in several movies, but he started off his career in MTV's Jackass.
In 2007, Jennifer Hudson became famous when competing in American Idol. She didn't win the competition.
Reality TV is a way of getting into showbiz, and we've found a number of good examples of A-listers that started off in different TV shows. Did you for example know Emma Stone started her career in a TV competition? Click on the pics and read about them all!
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Which Glee Gal Dresses The Best?

Monday 11:05 PM, 17/09/2012
We loved this silver dress Lea Michele wore at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards from the moment we first laid our eyes on it. She's such a hottie! You POSH readers know how we love when celebs make a bold move fashion wise. Not everyone can or dare to put on a dress with grass pattern but Dianna Agron is not one of them. You go girl! Jenna Ushkowitz, brighter than the neon lights in the eighties in her hot pink dress! When Heather Morris leaves her house and takes a last look at herself in the mirror, we honestly believe she repeats the mantra "more is more" in her head. And honestly, we sort of love it! Not everyone gets away with it but thanks to her bubbly personality, Heather does. Amber Riley, doesn't just blow us away with her amazing voice but also with her ability of accentuating her body. She keeps it real and girl, we're feeling it!
The fourth season of Glee is finally here (YEY!) and since most of the main characters graduated from William McKinley High last season we can expect a lot of changes. As the Gleeks we are, we adore the characters individual style but we’re not so sure which of the girls’ private style we love the most. So we thought we’d leave that to you! Who is the best dressed girl from Glee? The funky Heather Morris, Dianna Agron in her 50’s inspired dresses or maybe your vote is with the glamorous Lea Michele? Tell us what you think and vote bellow!


Which girl from Glee is the best dressed?

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Oh Snap! We've Had Our Naked Pics Leaked!

Thursday 3:10 PM, 05/04/2012
When it comes to Rihanna we don't know if the word "leaked" should be used, since she posts half naked pictures of herself on twitter. R'n'B singer Cassie shows it all (and we mean ALL) in front of her mobile camera. Naked pictures and a sex tape. Not something you'd expect from Leighton Meester but she has done both! Ashley Greene, what were you thinking taking those photos? Heather's reaction to the leaked photos was to laugh it off. If it was our photos we would more likely sink through the ground, so embarrassing!  Blake Lively simply denies that it's her on the photos... Yeah right! We never heard you had a twin sister. The infamous "One Night In Paris" is basically what made Paris Hilton famous. The usually snooty Scarlett Johansson definitely shocked the world when her naked pictures were leaked. Before anyone even knew who Kim Kardashian was, she simply copied her former friend Paris Hilton and made a sex video. Classy Kim, classy!
Heather Morris is the latest celebrity to have her naked pictures leaked. Past celebs have been Vanessa Hudgens, Leighton Meester and Rihanna, just to mention a few. And honestly, we're getting sick of it. Like, really sick of it!

What happened to the classy Hollywood stars like Audrey Hepburn? Taking pictures of yourself without clothes is so unnecessary, especially when you're super famous and everyone is watching you... all the time! Why even taken the risk? Maybe these ladies can answer that questions!
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