Heather Locklear

25 September 1961, Westwood, California, USA
53 years

Tom Cruise, Richie Sambora, Tommy Lee Jack Wagner
Heather Locklear played Amanda on the hit tv-series Melrose Place. She has a daughter, Ava Elizabeth, with her ex-husband Richie Sambora. She is rumored to have had a breast enlargement. Heather loves to play golf.

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Chace Crawford - Hot even on his Mug Shot!

Monday 10:18 AM, 07/06/2010
Mel Gibson Mickey Rourke Chris Klein Heather Locklear Robert Downey Jr. Lindsay Lohan Paris Hilton Mischa Barton Snoop Dogg Hugh Grant
As most people know by now, Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford was arrested this past weekend for possession of marijuana. We guess underneath that angel face is a bit of a bad boy, we always thought so! We have just found Chace's mug shot from the arrest in New York on Friday night and we have to say, he is still hot, even when he is obviously angry, embarrassed and wearing one of those horrible orange prison jumpsuits! We also found some other famous celebrity mug shots for you to enjoy, who can forget when Hugh Grant, Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton and Lindsay Lohan made headlines for their scandals?! Take a look!
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Breaking News!

Heather Locklear arrested for Hit and Run!

Thursday 8:35 AM, 22/04/2010
Not again Heather!
Heather Locklear just can't stay out of trouble with the law! This time its not as bad as last time with her DUI, but it was a hit and run! Heather hit a traffic sign near her home in California and she never called any authorities to let them know. Strange as it sounds that is a hit and run and Heather has been arrested!

We hear that the accident took place at about 4 am and Heather is still under probation from her DUI, so if she had been drinking of course she wouldn't have reported the accident! If Heather is found guilty, she may even face 90 days in jail! Keep checking in for more details! (Source: People)
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Melrose Place: The Bitch is Back!

Friday 2:36 PM, 27/11/2009
Melrose Place: The Bitch is Back!
Heather Locklear still looks hot!
Did you see iconic Melrose Place star Heather Locklear make her reappearance on the new version of the show last week? Well she entered with a big bang and really shook things up for season 2! Heather came onto the first show back in the 90's and made the show more popular than ever before and now it is rumoured she has come back to work her magic on the second version too, but we hear ratings are not the best for Melrose Place, even with Heather back as Amanda, the bitch! What do you think of the show. are you a fan?

See Amanda's return here:
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Are you a fan of the show?

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Yes! They have dated!

Wednesday 5:07 PM, 25/11/2009
Liv Tyler and Joaquin Phoenix met on a movie set back in 1997 and there was an instant spark! Joaquin still only speaks highly of Liv, saying she is so real and genuine and not like a movie star at all! Sweet! In 2003 British pop star Robbie Williams was spotted romancing actress Cameron Diaz on the beach in Santa Monica, but of course, it didn't last! Shia La Beouf and Rihanna went on a date just before they both got really famous in 2007, but Shia says there was no chemistry so now they are just friends. Way back in 1982 Tom Cruise and Heather Locklear were seen together a lot and many people thought they were dating, but Heather says now, she doesn't even think they kissed! Zach Braff and Drew Barrymore dated in the summer of 2007 and many thought they would be Hollywood's next hot couple, but nothing came of it!
Wow, it never gets less amazing how small Hollywood actually is and how it seems almost all the stars know each other! They seem to know each other really well if you know what we mean! Sometimes we think almost anyone who is anyone have dated each other! Check out this surprising list of people who were once in involved in a romance, even though most of these didn't last very long! The biggest shock for us was Fergie and Justin Timberlake, she is so much older than he is! Take a look!
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Heather Locklear Speaks Out on Melrose Place 2.0!

Monday 2:35 PM, 16/11/2009
Heather Locklear Speaks Out on Melrose Place 2.0!
Ooh the sparks are going to fly! Katie Cassidy and Heather Locklear: the clash of the hot blondes!
Yes its so exciting we know, Heather Locklear is coming on to the new Melrose Place as her original character Amanda Woodward and by the sound of things she is going to shake things up as usual! In a recent interview Heather talks about how she was originally approached to be the dead body found in the pool, but she says she coudn't kill Amanda, as she loved the character too much! Luckily, producers were able to convince her to come back in an even better way! She is coming to save her company and to give Katie Cassidy's character Ella some tips on how to be a cut-throat killer business woman! From these pics on set, it looks like the ladies are going to clash! We can't wait to see it! (Source: zap2it)
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What a diva!

Ashlee Fired For Bad Behaviour!

Wednesday 3:49 PM, 04/11/2009
Ashlee Fired For Bad Behaviour!
She must be feeling pretty bad about it all now!
The latest gossip from inside Melrose Place is that Ashlee Simpson was fired because no one on set liked her! We hear she was a total diva, showing up late and on top of that being a bad actress! Now that Heather Locklear is coming back to the show as her character from the original show, Amanda, producers felt they didn't need to put up with Ashlee's behaviour anymore! Ouch that must hurt, but it seems like it was all Ashlee's own fault. (Source: FoxNews)
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