Hannah Montana

March 24, 2006
Comedy, Musical, Family
12 wins and 8 nominations (2 Primetime Emmys)
Hannah Montana is a preteen that has moved from Tennessee to Malibu. She lives a double life - by day she is a school girl named Miley Stewart and by night she is the famous pop singer Hannah Montana. The only ones that know her secret is her dad/manager Robbie Ray Stewart, her two best friends Oliver Oken and Lilly Truscott and her brother Jackson.
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Hannah Montana

Actor: Miley Cyrus / Emily Osment / Selena Gomez

Fashion Battle!

Who Wore It Best?

Thursday 2:14 PM, 13/08/2009
Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus wore this glam Marchesa mini-dress to the American Music Awards last year in November already, but this week we spotted again, this time on Hilary Duff while she filmed scenes for her new part on hit TV show Gossip Girl! Who do you think pulled off this dramatic gold and black look off best? Vote and let us know!


Who wore it best?

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Miley's got all the hot gossip!

Monday 1:58 PM, 10/08/2009
We want to know too! Girls having fun! Love that hat on Miley!
It must be great to have Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus as a best friend! We spotted Miley and her BFF Mandy Jiroux out and about in North Hollywood today grabbing some coffee and enjoying some retail therapy. We bet they were talking about last night's Teen Choice Awards, Miley was there of course and walked away with lots of awards, but she also has a front row ticket to see what all the other stars are up to! She must have the most amazing and funny story to tell about what goes on behind the scenes after the red carpet! Judging by her face, its juicy!
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Latest news!

Creepy Miley Stalker Arrested!

Thursday 10:06 AM, 30/07/2009
Creepy Miley Stalker Arrested!
Fans go crazy for Miley, but this man is just wierd!
Disney has contacted the LAPD in connection with a weird incident that happened with a creepy 53-year old man who is a total Miley Cyrus freak! The obsessed fan was arrested in Georgia after behaving strangely in public and he told the police some very strange things about his relationship with Miley. He thinks she sends him secret messages through her Hannah Montana TV show and believes that the two of them are meant to be together and that she is only dating Jonas Brother Nick Jonas for the publicity. Police were so worried for Miley that the LAPD (Miley lives in LA now) have been told to watch out for this man near Miley. Scary! (Source: TMZ)
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New Miley Pics, New Scandal!

Thursday 6:17 PM, 25/06/2009
Too sexy?
Hannah Montana sensation Miley Cyrus really needs to learn to stop having her private pics published on the web! Everytime pics of her having fun, goofing off or even trying to be teenage sexy, there is a huge controversy and scandal! This time Miley and her director for her latest movie The Last Song were goofing off and dancing in the dressing room and later the pics were posted onto the movie's twitter page. Some people are now saying Miley is too sexy in the pictures for a 16 year old girl! What do you think?


What do you think of the pics?

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Latest news!

Did Miley and Justin Break Up?!

Wednesday 12:41 PM, 10/06/2009
They both look so sad! Miley and Justin were a cute couple
Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend Justin Gaston are not going to be spending their summer like other teen couples enjoying time off from school and lazing by the pool! Miley has a hectic summer schedule of touring and filming a new movie The Last Song! The two said goodbye to each other this past week-end and judging by Miley's twitters about it, we think it might be for good! It looks like these two have broken up! How sad! We hope their hearts heal soon! (Source:Celebitchy)
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Miley Cyrus:Fashion Designer!

Thursday 2:48 PM, 04/06/2009
Does Miley have cool style? Miley is such a luck girl!
Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus has an exciting new project! She has just announced that she going to bring out her own line of clothes for Walmart! Miley is teaming up with designer Max Azria to come up with an affordable and fun rock chick line and the first collection will be available in August! We are sure Miley's Walmart range will sell out completely just like her BFF Taylor Swift's summer dresses did last year! Let us know if you think Miley has an eye for fashion and style to come up with a cool collectin! (Source: Neonlimelight)


Miley as a fashion designer:

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