Hannah Montana

March 24, 2006
Comedy, Musical, Family
12 wins and 8 nominations (2 Primetime Emmys)
Hannah Montana is a preteen that has moved from Tennessee to Malibu. She lives a double life - by day she is a school girl named Miley Stewart and by night she is the famous pop singer Hannah Montana. The only ones that know her secret is her dad/manager Robbie Ray Stewart, her two best friends Oliver Oken and Lilly Truscott and her brother Jackson.
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Hannah Montana

Actor: Miley Cyrus / Emily Osment / Selena Gomez


Miley Cyrus Is A Picky Shopper!

Sunday 10:32 AM, 10/01/2010
Miley Cyrus Is A Picky Shopper!
Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus isn't one to shop unnecessary things! We spotted the star arriving at Book Soup Bookstore on Sunset Blvd yesterday but in spite of browsing for almost an hour she left the store empty-handed! Miley must be a picky reader!
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What a babe!

Miley Cyrus is such a Lucky Girl!

Friday 5:15 PM, 13/11/2009
Maybe she bought new boots? We also want a shopping spree!
We spotted Hannah Montana star pop princess Miley Cyrus hanging out in New York City looking excited and happy as usual! Wouldn't you be if at the age of 16-year-old, you could hit up an upscale department store like Bergdorf Goodman and pick out anything you want and then get freebies just because you are a star too! That is exactly what Miley did yesterday, the lucky little thing!
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Superhero Rescues Miley From Paps?!

Friday 1:10 PM, 06/11/2009
Superhero Rescues Miley From Paps?!
Haha! Nah its not her! One way to get rid of the paparazzi!
Only in Hollywood would you find a superhero driving a bright pink Cadillac protecting Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus from the ever present paparazzi...but wait a second...no that's not the real Miley! Its all fake! The scene took place in front of the Ralph Lauren boutique on Robertson Boulevard where a masked man in a pink suit sprayed faux-paparazzi with fire extinguishers and helped the Miley impersonator to an awaiting Lincoln town car limo. The event was being filmed by a small video crew. Its all just for the cameras. Still, only in Hollywood!
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Latest news!

Miley Cyrus' Death Threat Drama!

Friday 8:35 AM, 30/10/2009
Glad nothing happened to you Miley!
Miley must have been so shocked when she heard what happened!
Yesterday it was announced that a 22 year old US military soldier was arrested and will go through a military trial because he threatened to kill Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus! The soldier, Sean Christian Mathis, came onto a movie set where Miley was filming and approached her stunt double shouting: "Its Miley, I am going to kill her", he was immediately arrested by security on set and handed over to military police, as he admitted he is a soldier. Scary stuff, poor Miley! (Source: TMZ)
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Fans Vote Miley Worst Celebrity Influence 2009!

Thursday 11:50 AM, 29/10/2009
Really? Miley beat Kanye? Britney is not so controversial anymore!
Oops this doesn't look so good for Hannah Montana superstar Miley Cyrus! An online voting poll on AOL "Just So You Know" website held a voting for who fans thought was the worst celebrity influence of the year so far. Miley took more than 42 percent of the vote beating out controversial star Kanye West and last year's winner Britney Spears! No reasons were given in the poll, but in the last year Miley has dated a much older guy, been seen in sexy poses on pics on the net, mocking Asian people's eyes and pole dancing at a teen awards show! When you think about it like that Miley has been a bit of a bad girl, or what do you think? (Source: www.jsyk.com)


What do you think?

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Who is your favourite Teen Idol?

Thursday 6:30 PM, 22/10/2009
Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove Harry Potter actress Emma Watson The Jonas Brothers Nick Jonas Beverly Hills 90210 fashionista Shenae Grimes Twilight baddie Dakota Fanning Gossip Girl's Taylor Momsen Disney cutie Selena Gomez Disney darling Demi Lovato
Whether they are pop singers, television stars, movie stars or a combination of everything Teen icons have never been bigger than they are today. Miley Cyrus is one of the highest earning celebrities in the world right now and her friend Taylor Swift's album is earning record breaking sales and both of them are under 20 years old! Who is your favourite teen celebrity. Here is a list of ours, vote and have your say!


Who is your favourtie star Teen?

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