Hank Baskett

4 September 1982, Clovis, New Mexico, USA
31 years

Kendra Wilkinson
Hank Baskett is an American football wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League. Hank Baskett graduated from Clovis High School in 2001 with a 4.0. In 2009 he married Playboy girl Kendra Wilkinson.
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Sunday 6:30 PM, 06/04/2014
Kendra Wilkinson is pregnant with her second child, and she now admits that this pregnancy has been really tough. The former model, who is d...READ MORE ▶
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Kendra Willkinson Is Pregnant With Her Second Child!

Friday 8:04 AM, 18/10/2013
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Kendra Wilkinson Is Getting Ready For Baby Number 2!

Monday 5:23 PM, 27/05/2013
Former Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson, 27, and her husband Hank Baskett had their first child, Hank, three years ago. Now she's getting read...READ MORE ▶
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Kendra Wilkinson Tells Us Her Version!

Wednesday 4:31 PM, 07/07/2010
Seeing as Kendra Wilkinson's sex tape will be released soon the world will be seeing and hearing more of Kendra than she ever wanted! That's why it's only right that she gets to tell her version of that story and many others in her new book 'Sliding Into Home'. Yesterday the former Playboy model signed copies of the book at Borders Books in New York and her husband Hank Baskett was of course by her side the whole time!
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Did Kendra Wilkinson Try Sell Her Own Sex Tape?

Friday 8:33 AM, 07/05/2010
Bad girl! She says she is worried the tape will harm her marriage - right!
There is yet another celebrity sex tape doing the rounds! No its not Paris Hilton again or Kim Kardashian...its former Playboy Playmate and new mom Kendra Wilkinson! Kendra has told anyone who wants to listen that she is devastated and humiliated about the tape and is doing everything she can to stop it from going on air, but we hear there is more to this story!

According to Radar Online Kendra was trying to sell the same tape herself a few months into her relationship with Hank Baskett who is now her baby's daddy and husband! So its sounds more to us like she isn't ashamed of the tape as she is pretending to be, its more like she is upset someone else will make money from it and not her! Nasty nasty Kendra! (Source: RadarOnline)
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