Hot Handbag for a Hot Summer!

Two of our fave celebs, Ashley Greene and Emmy Rossum have been seen carrying an Ember Skye bag and we just have to have it! It's the perfect mix of casual bohemian chic! We love the Fringe detail! What's your must have summer bag?
Ember Skye Ashley Greene
The Fringe makes this bag so amazing!
Ember Skye Emmy Rossum
The Fringe makes this bag so amazing!
Ember Skye Ashley Greene
Love it in brown too!
Ember Skye Ashley Greene
Love it in brown too!
Ember Skye Ashley Greene
Love it in brown too!
Ashley Greene is seen toting a turquoise fringe handbag as she heads to an audition
What an awesome color!
Published May 17 2011 2:16 AM
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