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Does Jennifer Love Hewitt Have The Blues?

Sunday 10:19 AM, 23/05/2010
Jennifer Love Hewitt looked a little down when she had dinner at Katsuya in Studio City yesterday and looked down at the ground whenever she saw the paparazzi. As usual she looked chic in an oversized white shirt, jacket, black slacks and the overhyped Alexander Wang bag but she didn't smile one! A little strange to choose a restaurant where the paparazzi always hang out if you don't want to be photographed though?
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Who Wore It Best?

Saturday 8:20 PM, 22/05/2010
Isn't it amazing that the same romper can look so different on these two girls? Hilary Duff chose to match her floral romper with a green belt and a cardigan while Audrina Patridge wore it with just sunglasses and her Chanel bag! Which do you prefer?


Who wore it best?

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Who Wore It Best Selena or Nicky?

Thursday 2:31 PM, 20/05/2010
Teen cutie Selena Gomez wore this Alice + Olivia striped dress while performing on stage in London and we loved that she wore it with contrasting tough boots, but then socialite Nicky Hilton wore it with silver sandals this week and an adorable quilted bag - which girl wore it best?


Who wore it best?

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This Week's Best Dressed Celebrities!

Monday 2:38 PM, 17/05/2010
8. We love this colour on Vanessa Hudgens at the Nylon Magazine Young Hollywood party this past weekend. Its also great to see her hair up and out of that lovely face for a change - a fantastic look for her! 7. Peaches Geldof is looking a little over-tanned in Los Angeles this week, but apart from that we love this maxie dress, the colour  on her and the black belt and bib-necklace details. This girl can accessorize! 6. Paris Hilton continues to impress us lately with her slightly more sophisticated style. Taking a note from her friend Nicole Richie, Paris goes a little bit boho-chic with the bracelet, the headband and the maxi-dress. We give it a thumbs up! 5. Uma Thurman really pulled out all the stops this weekend New York! She was perfectly made up accessorised and put together from top to toe! We just love everything about this look for her, from the colour to the vintage glam feel. Wow, Uma got her groove back! 4. Carey Mulligan has to be the most interesting new stars in Hollywood right now with her pixie-like looks and unique style. To us she has old-world Hollywood cuteness and style and we just love almost everything she wears on the red carpet including this Azzaro gown with the diamante and bow detail on the front. So elegant! 3. Ashley Tisdale had the vote by far for who was best dressed at the Nylon Young Hollywood party this weekend. She just know how to wear her clothes in the best way - she always looks, trendy, super cute and comfortable in whatever she has on! 2. We are loving this season's light weight minimalist suit look! Kate Hudson looks elegant in this simple black pants suit with the nude tone top and necklace with classic clutch and gold pumps. We are impressed with her sophistication! 1. Jameela Jamil is becoming the British fashionista to watch and this is just one outfit that shows why. We love this summery look with the white fold-over strapless dress, brown belt and matching shoes and cute bag. It all screams Spring but its still not too sweet!
It was a hot week for fashion as the weather heated up, dresses got shorter and brighter too. The Cannes Film festival has been full of Hollywood glamour too, but our favourite in France this weekend has to be Carey Mulligan with her understated chic style! Take a look who else did good with the Spring trends this week!


Who was best?

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Vanessa Hudgens' Diesel Craving!

Thursday 3:02 PM, 06/05/2010
Did she buy the entire Diesel collection? Looks like she might have!
Shopaholics among you will know that when the shopping craving hits, it must be answered! Yesterday the Diesel shopping crazing hit High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgnes and wow did she answer it! She even needed help carrying all her bags out the store and into her car. We just have to add how fabulous she looked for her shopping spree trip too! We just love love love her street style!
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Monday 1:18 PM, 03/05/2010
8. The cheap look was going around at that premiere! Jennifer Lopez kinda looked like she had a black plastic bag wrapped around her body with a belt around it! Not loving the hairdo either, sorry JLo! 7. Singer Florence Welch went for a vintage lacey look this week and we have to say we didn't really get it. Again the shoes are fab but we think she looks a little too bohemian bride! 6. What was Jessica Alba thinking here? This style is totally wrong for her fab figure and the colour of flowers is just strange, plus she pulled her hair all back! She looks about 20 years older in this style! No Jessica, what a disappointment! 5. Another fashionista who went old fashioned this week! Whiteny Port looks frumpy and droopy in this floral dresss, nothing about this look worked for us! 4. This is not actually so bad fro Alexis Arquette! But we still can't say its great. The teased up hair and horrible gold studded pant suit, its all the worst parts of the 80's brought back to life! 3. We get what singer/actress Sophia Hyatt was trying to pull off with this pop arty gown, we just think its all a bit much! Especially with that dramatic face of hers! She looks like someone covered her perfectly nice dress with grafitti - and we don't mean that in an funky-cool kinda way! 2. Soap star Jennifer Metcalfe is so not known as a style queen and in this outfit its easy to see why! That floral bustier is cute enough, but look at what she is wearing it with! Boring oatmeal cardigan and badly fitting long black skirt, her hair is not workinig and neither is that necklace! Sad! 1. The queen of bad taste is back! Shauna Sands makes our worst dressed list almost every time she steps out of the house! This purple fishnet mini dress is no different from anything else in Shauna's nightmare wardrobe! Ew!
Bad fashion rule on the red carpet this week! For some reason no one knew how to pick something great for Jennifer Lopez's movie premieres this week, including herself! Stars like Jessica Alba and Whitney Port also got it horribly wrong this week and we hope they step off the bad fashion train really soon, we miss their gorgeous style!


Who was worst?

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