Top 10 Hair Tips: Alecia 'Pink' Moore!

From Pink to platina blonde to silver - Alecia 'Pink' Moore has been pulling of tons of cool hair-cuts through out the years. What we really love about Pink is that she has her own style and does not seem to care too much about what a popstar should or shouldn't look like. Such an inspiration! Click on the pictures to see top 10 cool Pink hair-cuts!
Pink 'Alecia Moore' white dress short blonde hair silver earrings
1. This is one of our favorites. Pink in a super hot Pink rockabilly hair-cut- so fun and funky!
Pink aka Alecia Moore short blonde hair black dress with red embroidered edging
2. Silver is a brave shade to rock and Pink does it very well!
Pink aka Alecia Moore black dress short brown hair silver scull earrings
3. A cute long blonde pixie with a short side-cut.
Pink aka Alecia Moore zebra silver dress silver mc jacket white sunglasses short platina hair
4. Pink colored her hair dark brown for a short period. We think it was cool though!
Pink aka Alecia Moore short brown hair silver earrings tube top
5. A fun way to liven up your short hair is to keep the very front a bit shorter than the rest, like Pink has done in this picture!
Pink aka Alecia Moore silver grey hair big black silver earrings black top
6. Super short!
Alecia Moore aka Pink red tank top check pattern shirt green pants ice cream sunglasses short blonde hair
7. Pink goes platinum blonde, almost white-haired!
Pink Alecia Moore black blazer black white corset platina blonde hair backcomb
8. Pink in slightly longer hair, long enough to put behind her ears.
Pink aka Alecia Moore black dressy pants white t-shirt knitted cardigan black hat
9. Fabulous hair-do, short on the sides and blow dried backcomb with volume.
Pink Alecia Moore black top pink rockabilly hair earrings
10. It feels good to know that even Pink has bad hair days, when she does she simply puts on a cool hat instead.
Published Jul 30 2012 9:07 PM
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