Stars' worst bad hair days

Monday 11:04 PM, 11/04/2011
Stars' worst bad hair days

Our stars can look brilliant, absolutely fantastic when the opportunity arises. But sometimes they show up looking like a mess and it almost seems like they didn't looked them self in the mirror at all before walking out of the door. Shame. What's up with Shakiras dreads and Lindsay Lohans wispy hair!? Anyway, bad for them, fun for us!

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right(non member) 1
12/04/2011 4:07 PM
wind=bad hair?

LoL.(non member) 2
12/04/2011 6:10 PM
My Hair Looks like selenas ecery single
Thank you Posh24 -.-
Thank you :(

hair style(non member) 3
30/04/2011 12:42 AM
I don't like this hair style because it looks like
nobody does not want you to see your eye because
you lost a eye.if I have that hair style I will
where a wig.


shakira hair(non member) 4
13/05/2011 4:14 PM
he is just fine ...:(

shakiras man(non member) 5
27/07/2011 9:57 AM
Hot XD

Shakirabigfan(non member) 6
12/11/2011 6:17 PM
Shakira luks fab

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