Hair Tips: Straight And Shiny!

Some stars love to have straight, long, shiny hair! Ever wondered what celebrities like Nicole Scherzinger, Ashley Greene, and Nicole Richie do to get their perfectly straight hair look so nice? Click on the pictures to find out!
Emma Bunton blonde red lips straight hair black top with stars
Nicole Scherzinger's hair is really shiny. The secret is to put some liquid shine drops in your hands and smooth it on to your hair.
Reese Witherspoon straight blonde hair bangs black lace top
First things first. Unless you are a natural, to get hair as straight as the Emma Bunton's, you need to use a hair straightener.
Nicole Scherzinger yellow dress with diamonds stones long black shiny straight hair
Great bangs like Reese Witherspoon's can be a bit tricky. To keep them nice and flat; blow dry them before you use a hair straightener. A good hair spray will keep your bangs in place throughout the day.
Kim Kardashian navy blue dress long black straight hair parted do
To keep your hair healthy looking like Kim Kardashian's, invest in a good heat protector and use it before you use the straighteners.
Ashley Greene red dress long gold necklace gold handbag platform shoes
We love Ashley Greene's straightened hair!
Dakota Fanning red dress with black belt flat blonde hair
Dakota Fanning is pretty in a straight parted do'.
Miranda Kerr blue yellow black patterned jacket coat blue jeans dog terrier retriever
To make sure all off your hair is as straight as Miranda Kerr's, put it all up and let it down as you straighen a bit of a time.
Avril Lavigne pilot sunglasses long blonde hair white hoody with black print smiling
Did you know that Avril Lavigne has naturally curly hair? She has a straight perm done to keep it the way she likes it.
Nicole Richie nude top with fishnet arms
Nicole Richie lets her straight bangs fall to the sides
Nicky Hilton black silver drsss silver necklace long straight blonde hair
Nicky Hilton likes the long straight look.
Published Jul 2 2012 7:14 PM
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