Hair Inspiration: The Most Amazing Coiffures!

Celebs are always on the Red Carpet, which means that they have to show up in different types of dresses and Hairstyles all the time. One classic hairstyle is the coiffure and we've listed different ways to have the perfect coiffure so that it suits you no matter your hair style. Click on the pics to see 10 gorgeous coiffures.
Blake Lively white lace dress sloppy braid blonde hair
This hairstyle looks lovely on Blake Lively with her long hair.
Rihanna bronz tinsel dress dark blonde fringe
A coiffure for those with a Fringe like Rihanna.
Kirsten Dunst sloppy side-parted blonde floral headband coiffure white floral top
A romantic and sloppy hairstyle by Kirsten Dunst.
Malin Akerman mid-parted tight coiffure red lipstick
Try this look for bad hair days like Malin Akerman.
Lauren Conrad dark blonde low ponytail side-parted pink yellow black pattern dress red lipstick
Very graceful, Lauren Conrad.
Whitney Port yellow dress necklace ring dark blonde low bun braids
Learn how to make braids on Youtube so you can get Whitney Port's hairstyle!
Katy Perry  turquoise coat pink dress blue hair high tight ponytail light pink lipstick
Curl the tips, like Katy Perry.
Amy Childs turquoise red hair high big bun earrings
We love this coiffure on Amy Childs.
Published Jun 11 2012 7:03 PM
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