Celeb Hair: Go Dark Or Go Home!

From dark chocolate to hazel we've found some of Hollywood's most beautiful brunettes. But with so many dark beauties walking around Tinsel Town we've had a hard time deciding our favorite. There's the sexy ones like Olivia Wilde and Angelina Jolie, the cuties like Sophia Bush and Selena Gomez and don't forget about classic beauties like Sofia Vergara and Freida Pinto! We can't make up our mind- so who's your favorite Hollywood brunette?
Nina Dobrev brown hair red dress
How can you ever resist this woman? We love you Eva Longoria!
Sofia Vergara blue dress brown hair
Nina Dobrev is just absolutely stunning!
Olivia Wilde black dress brown hair bangs
Can you believe Sofia Vergara has been blonde?! The brown do' suits her so much better!
Mila Kunis pink dress brown hair
Oh Olivia, you had us at hello!
Freida Pinto peach dress brown hair
Breathtaking Mila Kunis, breathtaking!
Sophia Bush olive floral dress brown hair
Freida Pinto is so beautiful we can't even find words!
Anne Hathaway brown waves pink lips white lace dress
The hottest girl next door ever, Sophia Bush!
Adriana Lima white dress brown hiar
Beautiful, funny, and smart- Anne Hathaway has it all!
Angelina Jolie  black dress brown hair
Adriana Lima is many people's dream girl, we understand why.
Eva Longoria gold dress brunette hair
Source: WENN.com
Is there a more beautiful women alive than Angelina Jolie? She's just drop dead gorgeous!
Published Dec 1 -1 11:50 PM
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