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Lindsay Lohan: One Hairy Mess!

Monday 8:31 PM, 08/08/2011
Remember when she was the cute girl next door with red hair? It was a real shocker first time she went platinum blonde! It washes her out! This is not the best dye job... Did you like Lindsay with bangs? She looks stunning with this soft red/brown color! Do you think she should go with straight hair more often? Or do you love the curls? We love the color! Every time she goes blonder, she also gets trashier.
If there's one thing we can give Lindsay Lohan credit for, it's that she's not afraid of change! For the past few years we've seen Lilo transform, no, not just from family friendly to rated R, but from a sweet red head to a bleached blonde. She's gone through as many hairstyles as she has different types of drugs.

It's unfortunate that Lindsay got it in her head that platinum, bottle blonde was the hair color for her. And for some reason she accompanies this look with stringy extensions and exposed roots. It's just so trashy. We think Lindsay looks best for darker, golden tones. Think Jennifer Aniston. She also looks great with coppery red and light browns.

What do you think? Which hair style of Lilo's is your favorite?
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Hollywood Is Showing It's Roots!

Monday 6:16 PM, 01/08/2011
Lauren Conrad, this two-tone hair is not working! Rachel Bilson is usually so spot on but what was she thinking? We love Taylor Swift's make up but not the roots! Since when did visible roots become trendy, even Whitney Port is a victim! Cameron Diaz has had visible roots for as long as we can remember!
So lately we been seeing a lot of our favorite girls in Hollywood showing of some seriously visible roots. And we mean VISIBLE! Like, half natural, half dyed sort of thing. And honestly, we hate it. How is this a trend? Or is it just laziness? It makes your hair look trashy and worn out. Just look at Cameron Diaz at the Golden Globes, her hair is just ugggghh!

We love trying out new things and experimenting with different hair colors but our advice to you guys: never let your roots show!
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Hairstyle Tip: Messy Beach Hair!

Monday 5:19 PM, 25/07/2011
Before Vanessa Hudgens cut her hair off she often rocked messy beach hair when she went out. Kate Hudson look natural in her hairstyle! It's easier for Shakira to get this hairstyle because she has naturally curly hair. Jessica Biel with really messy beach hair on the red carpet! Add a braid, just like Drew Barrymore, and you'll look like you just came out of the water!
You know when you've been to the beach all day and you have plans to go out at night but don't have time to go home and fix your hair? Well, don't worry! Summer is all about that messy hairdo you get from a day in the sun! Celebs like Jessica Biel, Drew Barrymore and Vanessa Hudgens love this look! This hairstyle is super easy to fix, even if you haven’t been to the beach! You only need a comb, a curling iron, and some saltwater hairspray!

Follow these three, easy steps to get that messy beach hairstyle:
1. Start by curling large sections of your hair. Messy is the key word for this look, so the curls don't have to be perfect!
2. Use a comb and tease your roots for volume.
3. Add a bit of saltwater hairspray. It gives you the perfect finish that helps your beachy waves stay in place!

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Vanessa Hudgen's Reveals Her New Short Hair!

Wednesday 12:10 PM, 20/07/2011
Cute hair Vanessa! She looks so different! We kinda hate this tunic dress and the shoes....oh well. Her old hair was so pretty!
OMG! Vanessa Hudgens chopped off all of her hair! For her role as a pregnant, homeless teenager in the movie, "Gimme Shelter," V took some scissors to her locks in what we think is a really cute, choppy bob! We do miss her long, shiny curls but we have to give some credit- she takes her roles super seriously! Remember when Natalie Portman shaved her head? Yeah, that's dedication! What do you guys think of V's new hair? Love it or hate it?
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Get Short or Go Long!

Wednesday 2:03 AM, 20/07/2011
Tyra Banks is a woman how like to change things up! Selena Gomez is adorable with both long and short hair! Long or short, it doesn't matter, Taylor Momsen is still going with the smokey eyes! Do you prefer Vanessa Hudgens in a longer or shorter 'do? Jessica Lowndes didn't settle with just cutting off her hair, she got bangs too! Heidi Klum also got tired of her old look and decided to cut some off! Miley Cyrus, rocking both the looks!
Celebrities like to change things up and a lot of times that means cutting off their precious curls! But just like us, celebs aren't always so eager to chop off their hair in an extreme style like pop singer Robyn. Maybe that's why when stars cut their hair they keep it simple. They go for the shoulder length hair cut. Some have their locks cut off right above the shoulder, like Paris Hilton. While others, like Miley Cyrus, chose to have it falling over the shoulder.

Actually it's pretty practical, if you have long hair this hairdo isn't too short so you will probably get used to it super fast. And if you end up hating it, well then it doesn't take too long until it grows back out again. Or just do as the celebrities when they are tired of shorter hair, get extensions!

But what do you guys prefer? Long tresses or a shorter cut?
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The Most Boring Celeb Hairstyle...EVER!

Monday 6:13 PM, 18/07/2011
Five years ago, Jen looks just like today, so it's time for a change! In 2007, still the same hair style. What a shock, in 2008 Jen is still working her typical hairdo! One year later, maybe a little bit blonder?? 2009 She looks great, but maybe it's time to change her hair stylist!? In 2010! Haven't we seen this before?? Today, Jen looks great in a blonde and straight page, but the only difference from before is that it is shorter! We like the blonde page on Jen, but like we've said, a brown hair color would look great on her! Even at big events she look like she always does. We're getting tired of it!
If you're a rich Hollywood super star, you can afford to change your style constantly, and we love to see our favorite celebs in different hair styles! But some celebs are just a bit more conservative than others and stick to the usual. And how fun is that?

When Jennifer Aniston played Rachel Green on the popular TV-show “Friends” she became famous for the “Rachel," her super cute hair cut! Since then, everyone has loved her beautiful hair. But year after year, we’ve seen Jen in the same hair style and we have to admit, we are getting tired of it! We love Jen and think she is beautiful, and we would like to see some changes! We know that she can pull off blonde and straight, but what about dark and wavy? Ever think of that Jen?

What do you guys think? Are you also tired of Jen's blonde and straight hair style?
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