Gwyneth Paltrow Breaking Up Coldplay?

Wednesday 12:59 PM, 26/08/2009
Gwyneth Paltrow Breaking Up Coldplay?

Will Chris Martin choose his band over his wife?
As most people know Iron Man star Gwyneth Paltrow is married to the lead singer of the hit making band Coldplay. Even though Gwyneth has often said she doesn't want to be involved with Chris' band and would hate to be the girl known to have broken up Coldplay, she is rumoured to be doing exactly that! The story is that Chris and Gwyn had a huge fight over his career recently! Gwyn wants him to try out a solo album just to see if he would like it and Chris wants nothing to do with it. There have been lots of rumours about the couple's marriage in the last year. Will Chris be forced to choose between the band and Gwyneth soon? We hope not! (Source: GossipBetty)
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number one(non member) 1
26/08/2009 3:37 PM
Chris, if the worst comes to the worst, Gwyn has
got to go.
Music will never let you down :)

evil(non member) 2
26/08/2009 5:55 PM
shes evil

xXemo_rocker_AXx (Posh24 member) 3
27/08/2009 5:34 AM
i hope coldplay stay together i like
coldplay no
i mean i love coldplay!!!!

playColdplay(non member) 4
05/11/2009 6:25 PM
C'mon, you're perfect together!
I would hook up
Chris with Florence Welch, anyway

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