Guy Ritchie's Mystery Woman Revealed!

Friday 3:56 PM, 12/06/2009
hot date!

hot date!
Jasmine has style, we love the Louise Vuitton!

Jasmine has style, we love the Louise Vuitton!
She is lovely!

She is lovely!

Last week we showed you pictures of Guy Ritchie having a romantic walk on the beach with a very attractive mystery brunette, well last night the two were out again together and we got a look at her face! She is American Idol host Ryan Seacrest's ex-girlfriend, model Jasmine Waltz. Well done guy she is great choice! We hope Guy's ex-wife Madonna approves of Jasmine as well! Guy and Jasmine looked really cosy at Sour restaurant in LA last night as they cuddled and held hands at the table. Maybe its love!

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Well..(non member) 1
14/06/2009 11:43 PM
Yes, she's cute and has an amazing, simple style,
but she could at least covered up that bra..

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