Its All Business On Gossip Girl!

Are you as excited as we are that the new season of Gossip Girl is finally on our screens?! What an exciting start too! Here is a sneak peak into the future of the series for you to enjoy. We are thinking that enemies Vanessa(Jessica Szohr) and Blair(Leighton Meester) haven't suddenly become BFFs, the must be teaming up once again to bring a certain bad girl down! How sexy does Nate(Chace Crawford) look in his suit?! We can't see what this new business look is all about!
Chace Crawford cap t shirt set
He is the hottest guy in Manhattan!
Chace Crawford suit set
He is the hottest guy in Manhattan!
Jessica Szohr smile pink print fabric set
He is the hottest guy in Manhattan!
Chace Crawford suit on set
He is the hottest guy in Manhattan!
Jessica Szohr and Leighton Meester walking on set
No way are these two making friends!
Jessica Szohr scarf jeans boots set
No way are these two making friends!
Published Sep 21 2010 8:47 PM
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