A Double Gossip Girl Split?!

Friday 8:36 AM, 09/04/2010
A Double Gossip Girl Split?!

Is it over?
She dumped him!

She dumped him!
Did Jessica cheat?!

Did Jessica cheat?!

Hot gossip just in! It looks like it might be over between not one but two real life Gossip Girl romances! We hear tthat Leighton Meester has just dumped Sebastian Stan because she is not enjoying being in a relationship and doesn't know how to handle having a boyfriend. It sounds like the diva rumours about her are true! Poor Sebastian is said to be heartbroken! (Source: OK!)

Even juicier, is the rumour about the second Gossip Girl hot couple! Jessica Szohr had a birthday party in New York this week without boyfriend Ed Westwick who was in England filming a movie. Apparantly Jessica got a little too cosy with one of Ed's friends Marco Minuto and the two even left to the same hotel room after the party! When Ed heard about it, he dumpd Jessica immediately, but now she is with him in London and neither of them is talking about it. So will Ed take her back? We'll just have to wait and see! (Source: NYP)
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l(non member) 1
09/04/2010 11:21 AM
omg omg omg
is it really true?pleas put pic of
them now
i want to see hoe they look after!

em(non member) 2
13/04/2010 11:47 PM
I'am from Poland but I love this film! Is

fiba4ka (Posh24 member) 3
18/04/2010 1:53 PM
im from Bulgaria and i love this film too...!

serena(non member) 4
24/06/2010 9:52 AM
I am serena ben ed westwick hayranıyom.

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