Glee Showdown! Heather Morris vs Lea Michele: Who Has the Better Commercial?

Monday 12:14 PM, 08/08/2011


OMG! We LOVE Heather Morris! She's not-so-secretly our favorite character on Glee! That girl has some killer dance moves and her character, Brittany, is so hilarious! We just spotted Heather in a commercial for Staples (an office supply store) and maybe the commercial is a bit cheesy but man, can that girl dance!

Check out Heather's commercial!

But just for fun we thought we'd do a competition! If you remember, Lea Michele also has her own commercial. So who has the better commercial? Heather or Lea?

Here is Lea's commercial:

The New HP TouchPad ft. Lea Michele. from Starworks Artists on Vimeo.


Which Gleek Has the Best Commercial?

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Honest_Girl (Posh24 member) 1
08/08/2011 1:12 PM
Lea Michele's! :)
By the way Posh24, I haven't
been able to vote for over a year.. Could you fix
that please? Thanks. :) x

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