Glee is Looking for New Gleeks!

Can you sing, dance, and act? Are you an amazing hybrid between Susan Boyle and Adele? If so, then you should totally audition for Glee! Ryan Murphy, the director of Glee, is looking for two new actors to join Glee for Season Three. The actors need to be at least 18 but look like they're in high school!

The first new role is going to be someone who's completely gorgeous. She should be able to sing all kinds of music and might be named Rebecca!

The second new role should be a girl who sounds truly and utterly spellbinding on stage aka Adele or Susan Boyle. Her voice needs to blow you away!

We can already see the fights between Rachel and the Adele-like character, should be interesting!

Who do you think should be cast? (tvline)
Susan Boyle Amazing Voice Glee Casint
We'd really like to see Adele on Glee!
Singer Susan Boyle appears on 'This Morning'. Shown on ITV1.
We'd really like to see Adele on Glee!
Adele Adkins Glee Casting
We'd really like to see Adele on Glee!
Adele Adkins
Susan has such an awesome voice!
Susan Boyle Red Scarf Glee Casting
Susan has such an awesome voice!
Adele Adkins Singer Rolling in the Deep Glee Casting Black Shirt Slicked Back Ponytail
Susan has such an awesome voice!
Published Jun 3 2011 2:25 PM
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