Glee Christmas Ep Recap!

Friday 11:09 PM, 16/12/2011
Lea Michele and Cory Monteith

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
Our BFF's over at Teen have been watching Glee with same attitude we watch Gossip Girl. They put together a great recap about the most recent url=]Christmas ep[/url], if you haven't seen it yet then beware: spoiler alert!
So truthfully, last night’s episode of Glee really didn’t need to happen. There was zero plot advancement and basically just a whole lot of music and holiday spirit. And as we do weekly here at, we’re gonna recap the ep, “Extraordinary Merry Christmas,” by focusing on the most unrealistic aspects of the episode. And break…

1. Sue is suddenly nice. Um, has Coach Sylvester been hanging out with Quinn or something? Last year on Christmas, Sue ruined the holiday for everyone. But this year, it’s her idea to have New Directions sing at a homeless shelter to spread the holiday cheer. But wait, doesn’t Sue despise the glee club? And, well, happiness in general? Confused.

2. Rachel has a mile-long wishlist — and gives it to Finn. Rach is normally a diva when it comes to, ya know, everything, but we didn’t really pin her for the materialistic type. That is until she tells Finn to get her 5 out of the 15 things on her Christmas wishlist. Instead, after thinking that he’s “dating Kim Kardashian,” he gets her a pig in Africa, until the end of the ep, when he gets all sappy and cute and gets her a star (since she is one. Duh) and a pair of earrings. WTF? Except then…

3. Rachel and Finn return their gifts and donate the extra money to charity. Because that’s what the holidays are all about, right? Doing good for others and not getting anything for yourself? Right. We just don’t get how Rachel went from having a hissy fit over her pig present to not even wanting a present at all. What the H?

4. New Directions lands a gig on Ohio TV to film a Christmas special — And, as with West Side Story, Artie is elected to direct. The idea behind it? Kurt and Blaine host a Christmas party in their ’50s style house and invite over the guests (aka the rest of the glee club) for dinner. Our question here — didn’t they have an $800 budget? How’d they pay for that random house, the costumes, the PIANO, and everything else with such a small amount of dough? Yeah. You don’t have an answer either.

5. After filming wraps on the TV special, the gleeks show up to the shelter to sing.. Ya know. Like Sue asked them to do at the beginning of the ep? And there’s nothing unrealistic about that whatsoever. We just wanted to throw it in there because their performance was our fave of the night.
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